Secret Narrative - Break It To Love


[virgin teen, age-gap sex, older man, first time, romantic erotica, romance, contemporary erotic romance, new adult]

Predictable alpha male, Scott Worth, bumps into Sara, a former crush, and instantly regrets accepting her invitation to a barbecue. But when he meets Sara’s much younger sister, Lizzie, he’s soon counting his lucky stars. Break it to Love is a new adult, erotic romance. This sexy story contains graphic language, steamy love and sex scenes, plus a host of emotional highs and lows.


      Dropping to his knees, he opened her legs and nestled between them. The scent of his own body wash rose up to meet him, but he’d soon have her musky juice filling his mouth and nostrils. Anticipating her warm essence, he buried his face into her, his cock so hard that he was certain he would cream his pants. Coming up for air, his face wet with her, he moved up her body, kissed her deep on her mouth and pushed his tongue between her lips. He tasted mint on her newly brushed teeth, momentarily regretting his coffee breath; he plundered until she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him tight against her. Making a decision, Scott broke free, stood, grabbed her hands, pulled her up, and scooped her into his arms, her gasp spurred him on as he carried her into the bedroom, her arms wrapped around his neck, head lolling on his shoulder.
      “You’re too damn tempting, I’ve got to have you, it’ll be way different to last night.”
      He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a virgin. His cock rigid, as hard as it had ever been, he couldn’t wait to plug her, and dropped her gently onto the bed.
      “Keep still, Lizzie, just as you are.” He stripped, cursing his buckle. Free at last, his cock swayed as he moved towards her. “Lift up, open your eyes, and your legs. Last night you said that you wanted to get the first fuck out of the way, so that’s what I’m going to do, just for you. I always fancied your sister, you know, but she was never a patch on you. Wider, Lizzie, nice and wide. I can see you glistening.”
      Holding his cock in one hand, suspended above her with the other, biceps bulging with effort, Scott probed her opening with the tip of his cock, controlling the urge to thrust into her in one movement. Leaning down, he kissed her again, plundering her mouth, relaxing on top of her, taking most of his weight, he guided his cock inside, a tiny movement forward and as he’d hoped, she bucked up beneath him. The relief of reaching the resistance of her almost finished him, he had never suffered premature ejaculation in his entire life, and wasn’t about to start now. He delayed orgasm by imagining Sara’s large arse and pendulous breasts as he finally and completely penetrated her little sister. He moved back and forward slowly inside the tight sheath of Lizzie’s moist, silken folds, her legs wrapped tight around him, and silenced her small mewling sounds with kisses. Scott worked hard, determined to give her pleasure, even if he was unable to provide an orgasm, he’d see to it later. That was a given. Her hot kisses and squirming body were close to driving him insane. Opening his eyes, meeting her gaze, pupils dilated with lust, lips parted slightly, inviting his tongue, his lips, and his kiss.
     Bugger! He’d have to pull out, he’d forgotten the condom, the thought tempered lust at the exact moment he finished with a final grunt and ejaculated, flooding Lizzie with spasm after spasm of hot seed.
      “Oh God, I’m sorry, that was selfish… I’ll make it up to you. I hope you’re on the pill.”
      “Mmm, yes, but it’s a bit late to ask don’t you think?” Her eyes locked his, wide with pleasure. Scott’s heart constricted, and a sensation he didn’t recognise filled his senses. He couldn’t resist leaning down for more kisses.
     His cock stirred again, he moved his lips from hers to her nose, back to her mouth, and down, until his tongue found its target and Lizzie’s groans filled the room.

Word Count: 26,354

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