Secret Narrative - Vanilla Fudge


[May to December, oral sex, mature couple, short erotica, romance, vanilla sex]

A contemporary, short romance to make your mouth water and fondue your senses. Eddie and Sandra share their mutual love for all things sweet at Vanilla Fudge, Candy Sandy's traditional Old English Sweet Shop, bursting with sexy, sweet erotica. A May to September story.

Warning: This short story contains descriptions of graphic sex and is unsuitable for readers under the age of 18.


      Eddie Hopkins shrugged into his coat, pulled on a woolly hat, wrapped a scarf once around his neck, scrimmaged in his pockets for gloves and pausing on the porch, opted for Wellington boots. Although it threatened to snow, he fancied a walk and needed the exercise. Anyway, it was barely a mile to the market town centre.
      Even festooned with celebratory street decorations with bright, sparkling window displays, carol singers and church bells, the town wore a forlorn mantle. A fuggy atmosphere snaked the streets. Over the past year, many small businesses had been forced to close, parking being expensive for shoppers and rates and rents had increased. Large chains and coffee shops dominated the high street, causing a sad, gradual loss of identity. Eddie fully expected tumbleweed to make an appearance in the New Year.
      A small, sweet beacon on the bleak retail landscape was Vanilla Fudge. An independent traditional sweet shop, clinging to customers, dignity, and trade, in spite of hard times, and happily, the family business thrived under the care of Sandra, daughter of the original shopkeeper.
      Sandra’s parents opened Ye Olde English Sweet Shoppe serving the small community through good times and bad, long before Eddie’s birth As he grew, Sandra was always somewhere on the periphery of his radar. But encounters had been fleeting, their lives travelling different paths, until, with her parents’ retirement, Sandra Fondan had returned to take over the business, and Eddie’s senses sang at the prospect of meeting his childhood crush again.
      Recently, she had splashed out on a refit and the shop displayed a dazzling, fresh, shiny coat of bright red paint, sparkling glass frontage and a gleaming old-fashioned door, resplendent with brass furniture and bell above. Inside, row upon row of sweetie jars, boxes packed with chocolates, wrapped in rainbow colours and the penny sweets Eddie adored. The smell and taste capable of transporting him back to his childhood, when filling a small brown paper bag to bursting with delightful treats, actually did cost just a penny.
      Eddie stored an ever-growing nugget of hope in his heart as the object of his flirtatious attention, flatteringly responded to clumsy overtures. He did not intend visiting any other shops that day. It was near closing time, and in spite of his age, he longed to spend a few minutes in olfactory heaven, as if he were a kid in a sweet shop, in the sweet shop.

Word Count: 4,564

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