Cassidy's Keep


[barely-legal teens, orphan, virgin, male virgin, hiking, Colorado mountains, first-time sex, cabin sex]

It started off as a casual hike up the mountain...but it didn't end up that way! Cassidy knew better than to daydream while she was hiking...but it only took one treacherous slip to fall into a steep ravine and sprain her ankle.

The lanky teen who rescued her was mysterious, cute...and so shy around girls that she just couldn't resist breaking through his defenses and seducing him!


      My 'savior' was standing in front of the fire, stirring the pot with a long wooden spoon. He turned when he heard me move, and offered me a cautious smile. "You feeling better now?" he asked.
      Some of the boys at our summer camp, the year my folks were killed, had been really shy and nervous around us girls. But this guy had to be at least nineteen, maybe twenty. Why was he acting as though he'd never even seen a girl before?
      I'd never had sex before...but I knew what it meant when a guy's face got all flushed and sweaty, and the front of his pants started to bulge out in a big lump. He wanted to have sex. And that was exactly what was happening to him right then. The lump in his pants was so big that it looked like he was about to rip right through them!
      Darned if seeing how horny he was wasn't making me just as incredibly horny!
      "You got a name?" Suddenly it seemed imperative to break the ice, and learn all I could about this guy who'd saved my life. "I'm Cassidy."
      "Logan." He gulped as I stretched out my hand, then gingerly took it and squeezed it briefly before quickly backing away again.
      Man, he was shy!
      That was the moment when it all crystalized. I didn't want him to sleep somewhere else. I wanted him to sleep with me...in every sense of the word. I wanted to touch him, and be touched...I wanted to seduce him, and be seduced. I wanted him to be my first lover. I wanted to learn the glories of making love in his strong arms.
      And I wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer.

Word Count: 6,473

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