California Dreaming


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Honey had known she was going to like living in California...but when she met her uncle's sexy poolboy, Ryan, and caught a glimpse of the enormous bulge in his tight swimsuit, she knew that her horniest fantasies were about to come true!


      A soft clattering nearby roused Honey from her drowsy somnolence. The cat must be prowling around the pool, chasing a sparrow or something. Better shoo it away before it knocked something over.
      She forced her eyes open and shaded them with one small hand. No sign of Uncle Sean's mischievous tabby-striped kitten, but some strange man was standing in the bathhouse doorway, staring at her...
      Honey's eyes widened in shock as full awareness suddenly crashed back in on her. Holy shit, someone was standing in the shadows, gaping at her in blank disbelief! Who was he...and how had he gotten into the patio?
      Oh, Christ, her uncle had mentioned something about a pool cleaner! Some college student who worked around the neighborhood, cleaning pools and doing odd jobs. Ryan something, wasn't it?
      Only she hadn't realized that he was coming by today...
      Or that he'd be so incredibly cute!
      Now she knew why Uncle Sean had laughed and said they'd get along well together! Ryan was absolutely gorgeous! Wide, muscular shoulders tapering down to narrow hips, deep luscious tan, a trace of dark hair beneath the vee of his ivory polo shirt...and she loved the way he filled out that navy swimsuit!
      Well, there was no point in panicking because he'd startled her--she'd known the risks of stripping down in the open! And as for snatching her robe and trying to hide behind it...hell, who knew how long he'd been staring at her before she'd woken up? Nothing left to hide, was there?
      Besides, she was proud of her voluptuous body...and she'd never been particularly modest. Let him stare, if he wanted! He'd never dare to hurt her, not when Uncle Sean and the police were only a phone call away.
      And to be perfectly honest, didn't she enjoy showing off a little sometimes?
      Ryan was suddenly aware of the painful throbbing in his groin, and forced his willful flesh back under control. Did she have any idea how hard he was fighting to stay calm, to keep his eyes off her soft, tempting body?
      He gulped as she arched her shoulders in an expansive stretch, and her dusky nipples shimmered in the sunshine. She must be doing it deliberately, trying to get a reaction from him! And she was getting one, too--hot and hard and pulsing with fire beneath the tight confines of his swimsuit!
      He wanted Honey so much, wanted to feel her writhing beneath him as he plunged into her hot little body and buried his cock deep into her sweet softness...
      But he couldn't!
      Mother Nature had played her cruelest trick on him, and endowed him with entirely too much of a good thing! Fully limp, his huge cock was already as large as most other men's! Hard and erect and pulsing with liquid fire...oh, Christ, he'd tear her apart!

Word Count: 6,516

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