Dream Dancer


[barely-legal teen, older man, Irish stepdancer, bodyguard, chauffeur, outdoor sex, romance]

Jamie was thrilled to be home for the summer...but her grandmother's sexy new chauffeur was the most irritating, arrogant jerk she'd ever met! There was only one possible explanation--it had to be love at first sight!


      "You still haven't answered my question, you know," Brian finally prompted, just as she was settling back down to enjoy her sunbathing.
      Jaime hesitated, and eyed him with barely-veiled suspicion. "What question?"
      He tossed her another rakish grin. "Well, you aren't into drugs or rock music, so that only leaves one thing!"
      Jamie snorted. "What, sex? I'd rather dance!"
      That got his attention...only not quite the way she'd expected!
      Brian slowly stood up and threw his chamois cloth on the ground, and his eyes narrowed with some fierce emotion she couldn't place. Instinctively she scooted back as he stalked over and braced his large hands on either side of her bare thighs.
      "Then maybe you aren't half the woman you like to think you are," he rasped in a low, angry voice. "Or maybe you just need to try it with someone who knows what they're doing!"
      Before she could recover and muster up some scathing retort, he was gone. His boot heels made a sharp, rhythmic clicking sound as he stomped around the corner and vanished into the thick grass beyond the garage.
      Shaken, Jaime buried her face in her hands. For one brief instant, she'd thought he was about to kiss her! She didn't know if that prospect was more frightening or exciting...and that was even more confusing than his sudden irrational fury!

Word Count: 7,921

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