Calling On Jenny


[interracial, sex toy, multiple orgasms, anal, eating pussy, affectionate sex, oral sex]

Jenny emigrated to the USA and found what she loves most—sex. Although raised to be a prim and proper lady, she has given up on that nonsense. On this occasion, she achieves six orgasms and is already looking forward to our next hot session together. The sex is explicit and the descriptions graphic so this book is for adults only.


      As I proceeded toward her clit, Jenny's captivating pussy fucked more and more strongly into my face and produced more of its fragrant juice. When I reached the point where her inner lip ends by merging with the other inner lip to form her clit hood, I continued on to the end of the outer lip. Jenny and I really love it when I eat her pussy, and the best part for both of us is when she comes, but the eating is so pleasurable that we both like to have it continue for a long while. Judging from the jamming of her pussy into my face, the volume of fluid flowing from her and the fact that her delighted purring was turning to moans of bliss, I decided to stay away from her clit and clit hood until later.
      Before I started on the inner surface of Jenny's other outer pussy lip, I feasted on the delicious treat that had been produced, running my tongue into her lovely pink hole to get them all. For variety, I started twisting my finger in Jenny's beautiful ass. "Mmmmmm,” she murmured. "That feels really good. Keep doing that."
      I did continue doing that, as I fucked in and out of her tight ass. I also continued eating her alluring pussy, licking her other outer pussy lip the same as I had the first. This time, after I had repeatedly gone over every surface of her pussy lips all the way to her soft mound, I brought my tongue back and delicately fondled the top of her clit hood, indirectly stimulating the adorable morsel that was hiding there. Jenny's purring evolved completely to moans and she started fucking her pussy into my face even harder, producing a more prodigious flow of fragrant ambrosia as she did. I wanted to prolong the pussy-eating so I didn't directly lick or suck her clit, and I didn't spend very long on her hood before moving my tongue back to Jenny's wet love hole.
      I sucked out all the fresh nectar and inserted my tongue as far as it would go and, when I pulled it back out, I dragged it against the top of Jenny's fabulous love hole. I was still petting her sweet clit, but from a different angle, and loving the results. She was getting closer to being ready to come, but still had a way to go. The next place I probed my tongue was at the bottom edge of Jenny's wet pink love hole but, to do that, I had to almost take my hand away from her ass, leaving it in only to the first knuckle so I could get my chin snugly against her soft skin. When I finished pressing my tongue into that part of her pussy, I started probing the sides of her love hole. With my mouth in the place where it belonged, I put my index finger tightly against my middle one and started pushing both slowly into Jenny's shapely ass.
      When she felt the two digits, instead of one, start to spread her rosebud as I was doing Jenny squealed with joy, then reached around her hips to spread her ass cheeks wider for me.
      "Oooo, George, that feels wonderful," she murmured. "Put your fingers all the way in my ass."
      I did it, driving what she wanted into Jenny's ass all the way to the knuckles, then slowly stroking them in and out, as she fucked her ass back to meet them, while still slamming her pussy up into the mouth that was pleasing her there. As I started to probe my tongue into the inner surface of Jenny's inner pussy lips, I noted her thighs rotating out, presenting her pussy even more fully to my mouth, and I knew she was almost ready to come.

Word Count: 10,238

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