Prison Term


[erotica, hardcore, teen, older man, interracial, hardcore sex, anal sex, blowjob, mmf, groupsex]

It was supposed to be a harmless psychology project. Pretend to be a prison inmate for the weekend, and observe how the real inmates coped. But when pretty Bobbi Williams found herself accidentally assigned to the men's wing, her definition of "hands-on training" took on a whole new meaning!


      I should have been paying more attention to my surroundings, instead of withdrawing into my own pensive thoughts. If I had, the entire weekend--and probably the rest of my life--might have turned out differently. But I was concentrating so hard on maintaining the proper subservient attitude as I followed my jailor that I didn’t even look into the adjoining cells...until the door slammed, and it was too late.
      "Hey, wait a minute!" I protested, bolting forward. "I’m not supposed to be here, you’ve made a mistake!"
      But the guard was already gone. And instinct warned me that he wasn’t going to return anytime soon.
      "Oh, hell," I muttered under my breath. "Now what?"
      Obviously I was here for the duration. I stared around my tiny cell in dismay. Narrow cot with a single scratchy blanket. Dirty looking toilet and sink, but no mirror.
      No privacy whatsoever.
      And all around me...cells that would very shortly be filled with men!
      I was supposed to have been in the women’s wing! Why had they stuck me at the opposite end of the prison?
      I was in the very last cell, the one that abutted a thick cement wall. Well, that gave me something solid to pound my head on, for not paying more attention. Stupid girl! I berated myself. And stupid guard, for not noticing that there was a woman under these grubby old clothes!
      I kept my mouth firmly shut when the other inmates trudged back in, and the doors slammed loudly behind them. So far, only a few had even realized that I was there, and none of them knew that I was a woman. I wanted to keep it that way!
      The fellow in the next cell was a big man, black as coal, with broad shoulders that reminded me of a professional football player. Casually he dropped his pants around his ankles, and started to pee into the urinal.
      My God, he had the biggest, most gorgeous cock I’d ever seen! Long and thick and beautifully shaped, and even sexier than my ex-boyfriend, Randy’s! And he was the hottest stud on the entire football team!

Word Count: 6,342

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