Sex Addict Hotwife


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Linda has Hollywood beauty and brains. But Chris discovers more after they marry: she has persistent genital arousal syndrome, an itch deep inside causing her to climax without stimulation, without warning, even in public. A rich client of Chris’s has an arousing proposal to finally scratch that itch. Chris watches as his wife is brought to sexual fulfillment for the first time ever.


      Meanwhile, Randy was slowly easing himself into my wife. He’d pushed in an inch or two and move for a while, before pushing in another inch or two and moving some more. The further in he pushed the more Linda responded.
      “Has your husband ever done this, Linda?” Randy was taunting me.
      Linda just groaned, her head moving from side to side on the bed.
      Randy shoved hard, pushing all the way inside my wife. Her eyes and mouth opened wide in shock.
      “How’s that, Linda? Do you like me all the way inside?”
      “You’re in me all the way. I’ve taken all of you. Oh, Randy. I have you inside me!” Linda looked as happy as I’d ever seen her.
      As Randy started to move, going all the way inside and all the way out again, Linda’s moans became frenzied.
      “You really own me, Randy. I’ve taken all of you, and you own me.” Linda convulsed, pumping herself against him as much as she could.
      Randy pulled out after that and I watched as they recovered in each other’s arms. Seeing his organ didn’t shock me anymore, but watching as they shared an intimate kiss broke my heart.
      Linda directed Randy to sit on the side of the bed, facing me, as she sat on his lap. Both her feet were on the ground, her back was to him and her face pointed squarely at me.
      She didn’t look in my direction as she reached between her legs and guided him inside. Into the woman that I used to think of as mine, but I was now faced with the fact that she wasn’t mine any longer.
      As my wife dropped down on him, her eyes closed and her mouth again dropped open. She made no noise but for the sound of her lungs emptying as all the air was driven out of her.
      I could see her take all of him at one time. Linda didn’t ease him into herself, she swallowed him.
      She wiggled around on his lap, enjoying the sensation of being so full.
      “You’re touching it. Oh, Randy. You’re touching the itch. Thank you, thank you!” She came again, before moving her legs inside of his and starting to bounce up and down on him.
      Each bounce seemed to cause another climax as she went faster and faster and Randy squeezed her breasts. At the speed she was going, her large breasts would having been flying into her face, if he hadn’t held them.

Word Count: 20,000

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