Nudity Is For The Birds - A Smart, Sexy, Nerdy 1st-Time Romance


[erotic romance, first time erotica, virgin erotica, young love, birdwatching, birds, nerd erotica, erotic humor, voyeurism, public nudity, hardcore sex, virgin, male virgin, oral sex, blowjob]

For the third year, red-headed virgin Robin poses her riddle to the naked masses at the local Nude Day celebration, hoping to find her intellectual needle in a Midwestern haystack.

Can Jay's knowledge of birds and riddling win the day and Robin's heart? This sexy, sweet, and charming story of first-time love is sure to delight as they discover their shared love of birds, words, and each other.


      That left Jay alone, thoughtful and nearly petrified with fear. At least he tried to remain thoughtful, while alternating images popped in and out of his mind's eye.
      Perfect freckled cleavage framed in lace. Root beer-soaked fried mushrooms. Freckles. Mushrooms. Cleavage.
      She was truly gorgeous. Not beauty contest, make-up and hairdo gorgeous. Natural, towel-dry-and-ready-to-go stunning radiance, especially with her hair shining even more resplendently in the recently-appearing sun's rays. That wonderful smile always near the surface.
      And her body! He couldn't see freckles from here, but he could sure see nipples, pink and protruding but not too much. A belly that swelled that slightest just enough to lead the eye down to a short, shapely triangle of orange-red hair peaking out between her legs. Her legs were decidedly curvier and softer than the tall, slim girl next to her. Creamy smooth legs that would be heaven wrapped around your hips or sliding softly over cheeks as your nose and mouth nuzzled closer to their moistening zenith.
      Jay rarely considered himself a poet, but Red brought out his inner sonneteer. His eyes continued their journey the length of her legs, stopped at her shoes. Boat shoes, kind of preppy, in a bright blue. A blue that went well with her red hair and blue eyes, but an odd choice.
      Think, Jaybird, think! You're different from these clods, these bumpkins that have been universally wrong. You're brilliant in school, you know calculus and organic chemistry like few your age, you have personally seen and identified over 207 species of birds. Why would you be intimidated by a simple pair of bare boobies?
      An image came to Jay then of Boobies, the pelagic birds similar to the Albatross, bobbing their heads in their unique, comical mating dance. Nature shows on TV loved to score the motion with upbeat Jazz. Red wanted to do her own mating dance, or she wouldn't be here, naked, having strange men lineup to try and solve her riddle. While wearing those odd blue shoes.
      What was her mating dance? Don't step on my blue boat shoes?
      He blurted it out in a rush.
      "Oh my God!" She dropped his hand, leaving him momentarily empty inside at the lost contact. Then her arms were tight around him, her soft hair and it's unexpected intoxicating scent covering his face, her body pressed close to his as she squealed in delight. "Finally!"
      The comforting, calming effect of Red's - Robin's - smile and touch was lost on Jay now that the entire, and entirely naked, girl was so close. He could feel her soft but firm breasts as she hopped in celebration against him. He could feel her nipples against his chest. The fear was back: the very likely erection popping up could ruin this moment.
      He could push her away, but that would mean putting his hands on his living, jiggling fantasy. He became aware of sharp, uncomfortable irritation on his bare chest. It didn't actually hurt, but he concentrated on it. He noticed it was actually two spots, one on each side, above each of her nipples.
      He tried to concentrate even more intently when Robin shifted to look over his shoulder, pushing herself up and against him as she rose up on her toes. Jay caught another wave of her scent. Flowers, sweet feminine sweat, and ambrosia. He wasn't sure what ambrosia smelled like, but only the chosen food of the gods could smell this good.
      "Sorry, guys. Contest's over. We have a winner."

Word Count: 16,546

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