Vacation Prey - A Different Kind of Hotwife Adventure


[interracial, hotwife, wife watching, cuckold, hardcore sex, anal sex, blowjob, cunnilingus, public sex, lesbian sex, voyeur]

Carlo, an East Coast mob enforcer, is attending his sister-in-law’s wedding when his wife is kidnapped. But her attackers aren’t just after a hefty ransom. They’re brainwashing Julie and other helpless women into wild sexual animals who will degrade themselves for gangs of black men…and when they catch Carlo, too, he’s about to get the most amazing sexual thrill of his life!


      After returning to the building we approached from the rear in the dead of a rainy night. We passed rows of dark windows, but no other doors. We were heavily armed and wearing black, along with ski masks and our quietest black footwear.
      We followed Julie’s blood trail back to my cell. It was locked, as was the door next to it. We passed three doors along the way, so we retraced our steps to the furthest one, nearest the entrance. Turning the knob slowly, I cracked the door open enough to peek in. A blonde white woman was tied to a wooden frame. A glass, test-tube shaped suction device was between her legs.
      I heard the machine running, even over the woman’s moans. She was a natural blonde and her body was perfect. She rode the pleasure as she was sucked far into the glass tube. I don’t think she’d volunteered.
      Each time she approached her climax, a black man entered to hold and kiss her. At first, she resisted, but soon she actively sought his mouth. When she came again, she complained about tenderness. He eased the tube off and rubbed some lotion on her. After more kissing and caressing, the machine was turned back on. Her eyes were almost as wild as Julie’s had been. The whole operation had been set up to connect her pleasure to a black man. The ace of spades tattoo was vivid on her left breast.
      “Please…why are you doing this? Where’s my husband? Oh, no…” As she came again, his arms around her, she eagerly searched for his mouth. He set up a machine for her to sit on. “Oh…no. You can’t do this, that feels good…”
      We’d found their next victim. They’d changed my wife, and how many other women had they taken?
      Two of us walking forward, one walking backward, our guns were at the ready as we made our way to the next door. Once again, I eased it open. William and James wanted their turns but I pointed out that it had been me in the cell and they could shut up.
      A stunningly beautiful woman with shiny dark hair and larger than normal breasts was on her hands and knees while the vacuum sucked on her. The harder she worked, the harder the vacuum sucked and the stronger her climax. As with the other woman, a black gang member held and kissed her. The woman became more frantic as she continued to orgasm. There was an ace of spades tattoo on her breast, also.

Word Count: 26,029

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