The In-Laws


[in-laws, nudity, voyeurism, adultery, oral sex, affectionate sex]

Amber gets tired of her brother-in-law staring at her body and decides to do something about it. She gives him a good look at everything she has; he does the same for her and they decide although looking is fun, going beyond that is a lot better. What they do then is described graphically and in detail, so this book is intended for adults only.


      Slowly, with her warm brown eyes remaining focused on Kurt, she lowered her head, engulfing his cock and licking the hard shaft as it glided into her mouth. At first, she only took about half of its length between her lips before raising her head, taking it out of her mouth and telling Kurt how much she liked what they were doing.
      "You've got a terrific cock here. I've wanted this big tool in my mouth for the last two months, and I hope you're not in any hurry to come, because I want to take a really long time sucking you off."
      "That feels so good, you can take all day, if you want to."
      Since there were other things she wanted to do in bed with the handsome man, Amber didn't want to take quite that long. She likes to look up at a horny man as she sucks him off, and really loves the looks of pleasure that flicker across his face, and that's what she was doing with Kurt. Holding the head between her lips, she lapped it all over, before slowly lowering her face, enveloping the entire shaft, until she felt his pubic hair tickling her lips. For a few seconds, she stayed like that, her agile tongue cosseting everything within her mouth, before slowly raising her head so just the tip remained inside.
      Having his cock sucked by Amber may have been the best sexual experience Kurt had ever had up until then. The erotic delights her lips and tongue were giving to him were beyond incredible, and that was only part of it. Having her look adoringly up at him and hearing her murmur happily, letting him know how much she liked sucking him off, added additional elements to his joy. Watching his cock slide in and out of her lovely face was a visual experience far beyond anything he could have imagined. He leaned back, with his hands and elbows resting on the mattress, and watched his sister-in-law slowly bobbing her head as she gave him what was probably the best sex he had ever gotten.
      Kurt was giving Amber some of the most fun she had ever had also. The hard roundness of his thick shaft felt wonderful as it glided in and out between her lips. She loved feeling the tip press against the back of her throat and even deeper, allowing her to take his entire erection into her mouth. Her tongue continuously fondled the rigid shaft as it plunged in and as it exited, and she reveled in how the smooth skin seemed about to burst, it was wrapped so tightly around the hard cylinder. As she watched the grimaces of pleasure on his face, Amber felt prideful and confident in the outstanding job she knew she was doing.

Word Count: 9,025

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