Bisexual David


[Bisexual, Anal Sex, Oral sex, Double life, Threesomes, Hung stud, Interracial gay sex, Glory Hole]

David is a bisexual married man, whose wife either doesn’t know about his gay side or doesn’t care. This book is mostly about his adventures with other men, whom he meets in a variety of ways and places. The descriptions of his sexual activities are explicit and detailed, so the book is for adults only.


      Excerpt from “David’s Double Date”:
      Being a young man, Sam was still horny so he came around and sat on the bed in front of David, then moved forward with his legs spread on either side of him, eager to get his cock back into the mouth that had felt so wet and warm and good a little earlier. After peeling off the black used condom and tossing it aside, David licked all of Sam’s cum from his cock, which became fully stiff from these attentions. The head slipped easily between David’s lips; the shaft drove through the empty space where his dentures had been removed and massaged the back of his throat. David began slowly stroking it back and forth into of his mouth, his tongue caressing the whole length of the shaft.
      “Mmm, David, that feels really good,” Sam murmured as he watched David’s head slowly bobbing up and down and felt his friendly tongue fondling his cock as it slid back and forth within his warm, wet mouth.
      Sam’s cock had been sucked before, but never by someone without teeth, and he marveled at the intense sensation he felt. Because his mouth was so delightfully full of Sam’s rigid shaft, David didn’t say anything, but he immensely enjoyed the feel of the hard cylinder of meat and the way his tongue made love to it while it was inside his mouth. He loved the way the tip pressed against the back of his throat, because David was easily able to overcome his gag reflex when it was something as nice as Sam’s cock filling his mouth. David loved everything about what he and the other man were doing, the feel of the thick shaft sliding between his lips, the feel of pubic hair against his nose and mouth and the sound of his heavy breathing as his cock moved back and forth. To Sam, it felt really good but to David it felt wonderful.
      However, as marvelous as the cock in his mouth was, David loved the one in his asspussy even more. Once David had gotten well into sucking Sam’s cock, Dick resumed the other part of the double header and began plunging his own big shaft slowly in and out David’s ass, moaning with pleasure at every incursion into the slick, tight orifice. With his hands on the older man’s hips as a guide, he plowed his cock in; David fucked his ass back to meet all of the long, deep strokes, and Richard felt his balls swinging forward, gently bumping against David’s.
      To Dick, the ass that was enveloping him was the nicest place his cock had ever been. “If I can fuck this guy’s ass and get sucked off by him, and it feels so great, why do I need that bitch of a girlfriend that I have and don’t even like?” he asked himself.
      It had been a week since his previous session with David and Richard was horny enough that he knew he was going to come sooner than he really wanted. Even though he was fucking into David’s tight, slick ass slowly because he wanted the thrill to last and he knew David felt the same, his climax kept getting closer. “I’m getting ready to come,” he told the kneeling man, and started fucking him faster.

Word Count: 27,547

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