Not Your Normal Wedding Vows


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Serena might not have been the smartest girl in her class--but it didn't take her long to learn how to dance naked with sexy Damon at her best friend's wedding!


      Logan stepped in front of her, a brimming wineglass in each hand. "Come dance with me, 'Rina!"
      She wasn't supposed to drink wine. Oooh, she'd be grounded for the rest of her life if she got caught! But all the grownups had already left. It was only Lydia's and Johnny's friends now. And Logan was standing there, looking so sexy and grown-up, and handing her a glass just like she was a grown-up, too.
      The first sip made her nose wrinkle. It tasted a lot more sour than she'd expected. But she wasn't going to lose face in front of Logan, so she daringly took a bigger gulp. And then another, as he tilted his own glass.
      The room blurred suddenly, and she blinked like an owl. "I feel funny." Her voice lisped a little, just like it did whenever she got excited about something. "Like I'm floating."
      "That's why they call it getting high." Logan reached for the bottle, and filled her glass again. "Drink up, baby. It's time for you to learn to dance like Johnny and Lydia do!"
      Fuzzy excitement whipped through her veins, and she moved eagerly into his arms. His skin was so hot beneath his fine shirt, and his arms were so strong! Serena nuzzled against his chest, and felt another hot stab of pleasure as he scooped her up. Just like a new bride. And wasn't that just so exciting?
      "Where are we going?" She didn't care, though. Not as long as he was carrying her. "I don't know how to dance, not really. Papa won't let me go to dances with the other kids. He says I'm not smart enough, and they might take advan...advan...uh, do something naughty to me. Will you show me how to dance, Logan?"
      Something almost frightening gleamed in his dark eyes. "Oh, I intend to. Trust me."
      She did trust him, and so she wasn't scared. "Where are you taking me?"
      "To paradise, baby girl." And then he pushed through the faded chapel curtains, into the cozy little prayer room where she and Lydia always had to try and study their boring old catechisms during summer vacation.
      "We can't dance in here. We'll get caught!" she giggled. "Father O'Reilly will make me say a dozen Hail Mary's if he catches me!"
      Again that devilish gleam lit his dark eyes. "Father O'Reilly left with Johnny's mother. He won't be back for hours and hours. I'll bet they're dancing right now, too. Wouldn't that be fun to watch?"
      His hands slid down her arms as he laid her on the bench, and knelt down in front of her. "You have too many clothes on, 'Rina," he complained, and began to pull off her sheer knee-length stockings. "The best way to dance is without any clothes at all."

Word Count: 4,564

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