Paradise In White


[cheating wife, cuckold, chance encounter, stranger sex, hardcore sex]

Alexa hadn't planned on having a one-night stand...until she was literally bowled over by a fellow skier who was a hazard on the slopes, but absolutely amazing in bed!


      A quiver of excitement ran through her. Her own family wasn't expecting her home until dawn, and she was getting more horny with every passing moment...
      But she couldn't do this, she couldn't! It just wasn't right! A cup of hot chocolate, that was all, and then she'd have to leave again, no matter how loudly her hormones were screaming!
      She could see the betraying bulge in his tight jeans as he turned to lean his poles against the camper's metal wall. Lord almighty, how was she ever going to get through this? All she could think about was how much she wanted to touch him, kiss him, feel his hardened cock thrusting deep inside her...and she was becoming even more aroused than before! Heat spread in tingling waves from her belly throughout her entire body.
      He was already stamping the snow from his boots and stepping up into the trailer. Recovering herself, she quickly kicked her own skis loose and set them beside his. Like two pairs of shoes outside a hotel room, she realized as she hesitantly followed him inside. Three guesses what they're doing inside...
      Suddenly he caught his breath and froze, his green eyes widening as he avidly stared at her. Startled, she glanced down, then flushed with embarrassment. Her blouse was half-open, exposing her deep cleavage and the edges of her lacy white bra... With shaking hands, she quickly fumbled with the slippery buttons.
      "Don't worry about it," he breathlessly managed, his voice strained as he tried to sound casual. "I won't turn you in."
      No, but he sure was turning her on! A shudder swept through her as he absently ran his tongue over his bottom lip, his eyes never leaving her swelling breasts. Oh, God, how she wanted to feel his mouth on them, hot and wet and hungrily nibbling at her taut nipples...
      Then, breaking the tension, he slowly reached out to touch her face. His strong fingers felt warm and smooth against her cheek. Alexa helplessly closed her eyes as new rivers of excitement began to chase through her quivering body. Oh, God, and he was lightly stroking her ear, her throat, tracing her collarbone as he leaned closer...
      "I want you." His hoarse voice crackled in her ears. "You know that, don't you?"

Word Count: 5,305

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