Sex On The Edge


[erotica, hardcore, teen, virgin, balcony sex, outdoor sex, beach sex, anal sex, groupsex, interracial sex, big cock, voyeur, double penetration, dp, religious commune]

Pretty Marci got a whole lot more than she’d expected when she traveled to the family resort in search of a man she could seduce. First her longtime best friend stunned her by taking her virginity, then he invited a sexy voyeur who kept watching them have sex to join in the fun…and then she discovered the joys of hard-driving interracial sex with their gorgeous upstairs neighbor!


      I took shelter inside when the sun glided directly overhead; some of the tourists out there looked like par-broiled lobsters, and I didn’t want to imitate them. After a while, Toddy wandered over, and we lazily discussed how I should go about finding and seducing a likely candidate.
      The topic seemed to arouse him; even in the dim half-light, I could see the huge bulge in his swimsuit as he shifted restlessly on the low couch. But he made no move to strip down, so I pretended not to notice his discomfort.
      “Sun’s setting,” I finally remarked. “Come outside and watch it with me?”
      I rose and preceded him through the sliding patio door, then turned back to wait for him. He rose slowly, and seemed a little flustered when my gaze dropped unerringly to his rigid erection.
      “You’d better do something about that before we go down to meet Sister Rachel for dinner,” I advised with an impish grin. “Otherwise you won’t be able to eat a bite!”
      He sucked in a shuddering breath, then let it out again very carefully. “I will,” he promised…but didn’t head back to his own suite. Instead, he took an unsteady step toward me. “I know it’s wrong…but I want you to watch me. Will you, Marci?”
      He couldn’t have stunned me more if he’d hit me with a club. “You aren’t supposed to want me!”
      But after all, where was the harm in it? Sex isn’t hidden in the commune, as if it’s something dirty or taboo. A few times I’d even seen…by accident, of course, and I’d courteously backed away, then eventually chosen a different path to the stables. But I’d enjoyed hiding in the bushes and watching.
      So I only hesitated an instant before obeying, and spreading the colorful beach towel Sister Rachel had given me over the ornate marble stonework.
      When I turned back around, Todd’s too-tight swimsuit was bunched around his feet, and he was gripping his pulsing shaft like a lifeline…

Word Count: 11,423

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