[prostitute, party, science fiction, empath, psychic ability, mental telepathy, hardcore sex]

Arianna was one of the most successful Cyprian Jades ever to grace the decadent Playgrounds. She was young, beautiful, energetic, and extremely popular with the men. But her entire life changed when Jayden, one of the mysterious Empaths, mentally bonded with her, and showed her how exquisite hot passion really could be!


      A subtle tingling warned her, and she turned just as Jay slipped through the open doorway. "Hello, Ari," he said with a gentle smile.
      Oh, she wanted to eat him up in one big gulp! But he was playing it cool, so she'd do the same. She always let the guest set the tone. It was one of the things that made her such a successful Jade.
      "Hello, Jay. Glad you could finally make it."
      A quick grin danced across his intriguing face. "I got, ah, distracted, and a little delayed. Have I missed much?"
      Only the hottest orgasm I've ever experienced! "Pretty much the same old-same old," she lied with an idle shrug. "The faces change every night, but the party never ends."
      "Yeah, I kinda got that." He glanced out the window just as someone hit the water with a tremendous splash. "But it's always fun."
      "And that's why we do it."
      Ari wondered what he'd do if she simply launched herself at him, and slammed him up against the wall with a deep, passionate kiss. He'd probably freak, and run screaming, she concluded with a little sigh. So she'd better not, because she didn't want to chase him away.
      He glanced past her at the rumpled daybed. "I expected to find you out in the thick of things," he said with another odd little smile.
      "That's where I'm headed now," she said. "Come with me?"
      She reached up to tickle his ear as she started past...but suddenly found her wrist enclosed in his hand. She hadn't realized just how strong he was, and the sudden knowledge rocked her a little.
      "A moment," he murmured softly, studying her with those intense black eyes. "Are you okay?"
      "Sure, why?" Breathless, and so horny that she wanted to explode, especially now that he was stroking her palm with a feathery little caress that shook her from head to toe. "Oh!"
      He swallowed her strangled moan with a whisper-light kiss. "Do it again." His voice was oddly muffled as his mouth moved over hers, deepening the kiss with shocking speed. "Again, Ari!"
      The force of the orgasm nearly destroyed her! Long helpless shudders rippled down her spine as she clung to him, panting raggedly. Her legs were trembling so hard, it felt like they might give way at any moment. "Jay, how..."
      His lips curved in a slow smile. "Had any good dreams lately?"
      She sucked in a startled gasp. "How did you know?"
      "Because I gave it to you."
      His mouth was on hers again, searching, and his tongue was darting erotically around hers. How had she just heard him say that?
      "That's why I was late getting here."
      She was hearing him in her mind! But how...
      Slowly she drew back, and stared at him in baffled confusion. "You're an Empath."

Word Count: 4,156

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