Outback Adventure


[porn star, blowjob, anal, mff, threesome, outdoor sex]

Lance had been a sheep herder in the Australian outback for so long that he'd nearly forgotten what a woman looked like...or so he thought, until he investigated a nearby plane crash, and discovered that he'd just rescued one of the hottest porn stars of all time!


      Any moment now, she was gonna notice that her blouse was gone, and her skimpy little bra was falling off...and then all hell was gonna break loose...
      But until then, I sure wasn't going to say anything that might ruin my perfect view! "I'm Lance," I offered, pumping her hand up and down. I just couldn't stop staring at her tits--they were magnificent! And not just because it'd been so long since I'd seen a naked woman--she was beautiful all over! Those long, slender legs only accentuated her tiny waist and perky little nipples that kept tempting me, teasing, urging me to reach out and stroke them...taste them...bury my face in their softness...
      Her slow, sultry smile was nearly my undoing. It seemed to promise everything I wanted...and right now the only thing I wanted was her!
      This is whatcha get for turning into a hermit, Lance,
I chided myself as she stretched again, and her bra slid even further down her breasts. First sight of a woman, and you turn into a panting lecher!
      Damned if she wasn't a sight for sore eyes, though! I could almost see her bending into my lap, stroking me with her tongue and then wrapping her legs around my waist as I plunged deep into her hot little body...
      She still hadn't seemed to notice that she was sitting half-naked with a virtual stranger in the outback wilderness! And that's when I started to understand everything she hadn't told me! Against all the odds, I'd just rescued one of the hottest little nymphs in the entire adult film industry! No wonder she had such an incredible body and such gorgeous tits...no wonder her broken suitcase had been filled with a veritable rainbow of sexy lingerie!
      A hot surge of desire raced through my body as she leaned back on one elbow and met my eyes with a deep, penetrating look. The dancing firelight seemed to cast mysterious shadows across her full breasts, highlighting her taut nipples and the soft sparkle woven into her lacy bra. Teasing, tempting...begging me to reach out and touch...
      "Sorry you rescued me now?"

Word Count: 6,973

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