The Highest Bidder


[erotica, hardcore, teen, virgin, runaway, older man, sex auction, hardcore sex, group orgy]

Molly was so down-and-out that she was willing to try anything to pay the bills! So when Teena, a Latina hooker, invited her to a special Christmas party where she'd make lots of money just by attending, she jumped at the chance. But Teena didn't warn her about the secret auction after the party ended...or that all the handsome millionaires would be bidding for her!


      One man, in particular, caught my eye because of his broad shoulders, rugged sculpted face, and wavy blonde hair. Everyone else seemed small and insignificant beside him, and I watched him whenever I wasn’t dancing or flirting with one of the other millionaires.
      I also watched Teena as she threw herself at him, outrageously stroking his arm or chest, rubbing her huge breasts and lush hips against him, whenever she could. I might never have dared to try it myself, but I could certainly recognize the brazen way she was trying to seduce him with her body! And for the very first time, I began to feel an unfamiliar tingling deep inside my belly whenever he glanced in my direction!
      Maybe it was the champagne. Or it could be that someone had spiked the punch. All I knew was that I’d never felt so shivery inside before, or so light-headed and breathless, when he finally asked me to dance.
      The room went swimmy after that, and I vaguely remember someone carrying me into the next room, where a long couch was laid out in the center of the floor. I think it was the rugged oil baron who laid me down on the velvety couch, then took his place with the other men and women ringing the small room. The ballroom doors closed with a quiet thud, and the sound of heavy breathing was suddenly very loud in my ringing ears.
      I wanted to sit up, to take my place in one of the comfortable chairs along the outer wall, but my sluggish body wouldn’t respond. Then Amaldo stepped into the center of the room, and smiled down at me. “How do you feel, Molly?” he asked with a knowing leer.
      I tried to mumble something, and his smile widened. A strange tickling sensation made me gasp, and I blearily realized that his blunt fingers were groping inside my dress, and he was brazenly stroking my tingling breasts. Only hours ago, I would have screamed in outrage, and struggled to escape his lewd attentions. Now sweet, seductive pleasure was flowing through my veins like warm honey, and a low moan of excitement echoed in my throat...

Word Count: 5,398

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