He Said, She Said


[teen, virgin, teacher, older woman, younger man, milf, anal]

Not all the stories about a high school teacher getting fucked by her sexy student are urban legend. But a woman's point of view is radically different from a man's. And when both sides tell their story about what really happened in the high school auditorium, the differences are hilarious! Which part do you believe--what he said, or what she said?


      We'd all been preparing for the Christmas concert, and officially the school was closed. I didn't even hear the stage door open behind me as I balanced on a rickety ladder to hang one last string of lights. So Monty's deep voice startled me from a wistful daydream...and I fell.
      Before I could protest, he expertly stripped off my sneaker and sock, and started to massage my aching foot. I don't even know how much time passed as Monty held me close, stroking my arms and hair with gentle fingers. His strong hands, his muscular chest, even his subtle musky scent was striking sparks through my bloodstream that I'd never anticipated!
      His long fingers were only an inch away from the curve of my full breasts and oh, how I wanted to feel him stroking them, kissing them, burying his face in them as he plunged deep into my willing body and taught me what sex was really all about!
      Sweet heavens, I was so incredibly horny!

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

      We'd spent the entire day hanging decorations all around the auditorium, and everyone else had already gone home. But I stuck around, hoping that Cheryl might think she was alone, and treat me to an extra dance rehearsal!
      I tried to be gentle as I massaged her twisted ankle...but really fast, I realized that I was in big trouble! First of all, she was finally in my arms, where I'd been wanting her for months. And secondly, her blouse had come open, and I could see right down into her cleavage.
      Ordinarily I can handle the sight of a little free tit. But not when the tits belong to Cheryl Rawlings! Instant hard-on!
      My cock was getting harder by the minute, so hard that I was afraid I might cum any second just from looking down her blouse, and breathing in that sexy perfume she wears!
      Then she helpfully propped her foot up on her other knee...and I got a clear view of lacy ivory panties under her skirt.
      Holy shit! If I hadn't been horny before, I sure was now!

Word Count: 6,305

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