Modern-Day Casanova


[erotica, hardcore, eternal, Methuselah, Casanova, history, lover, virgin, teen, older man]

Manuel was an Eternal, fated to wander endlessly from town to city to country, spreading his potent seed far and wide. He'd searched a thousand years for the one woman who could intrigue him, enchant him, and match his fierce sexual passions.

Tania's black hair was long and curling; her hips were slender; her sweet breasts were full and lush. She had the face of an angel. And he ached for her with a hot lust that had nearly driven him mad ever since they'd first met...


      Her name was Gabriella--and of all the women he'd seduced in the countless years since then, her face and body were still crystal-clear in his memory. She was lovely by anyone's standards, with creamy skin and shiny ebony curls that tumbled down nearly to her waist. Her breasts were full and lush, with large rosy nipples, and her rounded hips swayed in an enticing dance when she led him, all baffled naivety, out into a shoulder-high field of golden wheat.
      Her dark eyes sparkled with secret knowledge when she stopped beside a blanket she'd laid out earlier that morning, then began to strip her clothes off, one layer at a time. "It's so hot today, isn't it?" she teased, lightly tweaking the collar of his rough peasant shirt. "Do take your clothes off, Manuel. And I'll do the same. Then you can see how women are different from men...and if you're curious, I'll show you something that will make you feel really, really good!"
      He felt a fierce burning in his belly, and a stirring unlike anything he'd ever experienced before. She saw the way his loose hand-me-down workpants began to jut out, and her smile widened. "I think you're very curious," she purred. "Do you think I'm pretty, Manuel?"
      She had the face of an angel--and just the way she said his name, as if he was a titled nobleman instead of a gangly teenage orphan, made him harden even more. There was nothing he wouldn't do for her. "I think you're beautiful."
      "Do you?" Her eyes warmed with pleasure. "I think you are, too. That's why I brought you out here."
      "Men aren't beautiful." He made the correction instinctively.
      "You are." She repeated it firmly, then lifted her blouse over her head and let it fall to the ground. "Take your clothes off," she urged again, as her nimble fingers tweaked the laces of her long dusty skirt, and it slid easily down her bare thighs.
      Hot sunlight shimmered over her dusky skin, highlighting every mysterious curve and shadow. Manuel felt his breath catch, and the savage pounding in his groin made him reel in dizzy wonder. He was so dazzled that his heart nearly stopped...

Word Count: 7,968

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