Preacher's Harem #1 - Preacher's Virgin


[erotica, hardcore, medieval, paranormal, virgin, teen, older man, Preacher, outdoor sex, religious commune, pregnancy, childbirth, eternal, Methuselah]

Harmony had known from birth that her destiny was to serve Preacher in every possible way—but she had never realized that submitting to his intense sexual needs would be so exquisitely delightful!


      A snapping twig sent Harmony’s heart into panicked overdrive, and she whirled. Bears usually avoided the complex, but they did sometimes intrude…and not all of them were docile.
      Quickly she snatched up the long-haired pelt, and hoped it would cover enough of her body to fool the dim-sighted carnivore…
      Then her breath huffed out in a relieved sigh when Preacher stepped from the woods and braced both feet wide in the plush moss. “Preacher! I didn’t expect to see you out here!” she gasped.
      He didn’t say a word; he simply stared at her in thoughtful consideration.
      Suddenly she felt a baffling wave of shy confusion, and warm color rose to her fair cheeks. “How may I serve you, Preacher?” she whispered, instinctively dropping to her knees and offering him the traditional greeting.
      A slow smile curved his lips, and her pulse began hammering even faster. He’d never looked at her this way before, and it made her feel so…peculiar inside!
      “Rise, Harmony.”
      She wasn’t quite sure if she’d heard his normal voice, or if the quiet thought had echoed inside her mind…but Preacher was always obeyed. Nimbly she stood again, and waited for his next command.
      The shy confusion gave way to rising excitement that made her breath quicken, and her nerves began to dance. Was he about to take her? Was that why he had tracked her from the complex? Was that why brilliant energy was sparkling all over his muscular body?

      Preacher kept his rising need under tight rein, controlling it with centuries’ worth of experience. Already he knew Harmony was not the one he sought—the Chosen One who would match his boundless passions stroke for stroke—but perhaps the child she conceived would be The One. He’d been waiting for millennia; he could wait another nine short months for Her birth. And if this child was not The One, the next one might be.
      In the meantime, little Harmony was desperately panting his name as her slender hips rose and fell in a timeless rhythm older than the stars. So he would take his momentary pleasure with her, and give her the child she craved. And if she pleased him, he would take her again and again throughout the summer and fall, until her belly was too swollen to bear his passions. And next spring when his need surged hard and full, he would take her again. And again. And again.
      His long years had taught him infinite patience. He used it with his women until their sexual energy rose in shimmering waves to slake his bone-deep thirst. Then he fed, and channeled his exultant ecstasy back into their sensitive bodies. They craved his skilled touch as desperately as he craved their primal energy. The trade was a fair one.
      Harmony was well-trained, responding instantly to his slightest wish. The thrill of possessing her innocent virginal body began to erode his tireless endurance, and his breathless commands became more urgent…

Word Count: 5,532

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