Party Playtime


[teen, virgin, mff, threesome, blowjob, anal sex]

It was Tricia's 21st birthday party...but Missy got the best present of all when Tricia and her boyfriend, Bryce, decided to teach her all about sex!


      Sudden heat seared through her sluggish body, and she moaned again as an unexpected wave of pleasure cascaded over her.
      "She's definitely coming around again," Bryce murmured in her ear. His warm breath tickled her flushed cheek. "Keep it goin', baby! Ain't gonna take much longer 'til she cums, at this rate! And she sure does have cute little tits, doesn't she? I love the way her nipples perk up every time we stroke 'em!"
      In her befuddled state, Bryce's eager, husky words didn't make any sense. Missy turned to blink up at him in numb confusion...and suddenly found his hot tongue invading her mouth! And he was stroking her bare nipples with agile fingers!
      Shocked, she lurched back--or tried to. But her listless body refused to obey her mind's frantic commands!
      A thousand stunned, voiceless protests choked her throat, then faded into sweet oblivion. Oh dear God, it felt so good as his open mouth slid down along the curve of her throat...teasing, caressing, searching...
      A harsh groan suddenly escaped Bryce, and Missy felt his lean body stiffen beside her. She must have been slipping away into some erotic dream, one where he was making love to her like she'd always secretly imagined...
      But no, it was real this time, it had to be! No dream could possibly be this vivid, this incredibly sensual!
      And she'd never had a dream where Tricia was leaning across her bare lap, and her dark head was bobbing up and down over Bryce's long cock in such an unbearably erotic rhythm!

Word Count: 2,472

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