[erotica, hardcore, Hollywood movie star, virgin, romance, seduction, outdoor sex]

Cassandra couldn't figure out why Hollywood superstar Aristotle Gardan seemed to find her so fascinating...but she wasn't going to question her good fortune! Little did she know that Ari burned to be her first lover, and teach her about the amazing joys of sex outside by his big moonlit swimming pool!


      Tonight, come hell or high water, she was going to enjoy herself to the fullest, and not worry about what tomorrow might bring. It was enough that he found her, for whatever bizarre reason, attractive enough to share this exquisite evening together.
      Carelessly she leaned against the thick wrought-iron railing, and watched the moonlit Pacific Ocean sparkle far below. Out along the horizon, the brassy orange light of a fishing trawler dipped up and down. Somewhat nearer to shore, a zippy little speedboat bounced through the choppy waves on its way north. Silvery froth bubbled in its wake.
      “It’s gorgeous!” Avidly she leaned out further to peer at the receding surf. “How do you ever find the strength to leave?”
      Ari propped a hip against the railing, and grinned down at her. “It’s always here when I come back.”
      Even his voice was low and exotic, with its sun-kissed hint of the mysterious Greek islands. Cassie shivered with delight as the lyrical sound of it stroked her nerve endings like finely-tuned harp strings.
      Her fingers curled into helpless fists as flames burned right through her belly, spreading tingles across her skin in quick, rippling bursts. Her breath wanted to emerge in quick pants, and it took every ounce of willpower she possessed to keep from moaning with mingled fear and burgeoning lust.
      A blistering jolt of anticipation rioted through Ari’s veins like a quick drum tattoo when he felt the quick shiver that rippled down her spine.
      Of their own accord, his hands rose to cup her slender hips and draw her back against his chest. He felt, more than heard, her quick gasp of surprise. Tiny flames seemed to sparkle against his palms, so that his fingers moved restlessly, caressing through the fine material of her wraparound skirt.
      “Cass.” He breathed in the fragrant scent of her long, curling hair, and felt hunger rise in him, hot and hard, straining for release. His muscular thighs grazed against hers, and the roaring of his blood swelled like thunder, blocking out any soft sound she might have made...

Word Count: 3,906

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