In The Dead Of Night


[erotica, South America, wilderness, fugitive, older man, teen, virgin, hardcore sex]

Bryce hated South America, and everything about it...until the rainy night when a sexy, innocent senorita came knocking on his cabin door, searching for shelter from the storm!


      Knock! Knock! Knock!
      Snarling, Bryce thrust the wine bottle onto the table, and grabbed his gun. They’d found him--but by God, they weren’t going to take him alive!
      The doorknob was starting to turn. Suddenly cold-sober, he shrank back against the heavy log wall. Icy rain pounded against the floor as the door edged open.
      Moving fast, he grabbed the intruder’s arm, and slammed the door shut. “Talk fast!” he ordered, jamming the gun against...
      ...waist-length curling black hair?
      Jesus God, it was a girl! A terrified, rain-soaked girl!
      Stunned, he jerked his hand back.
      She was staring up at him, white as a ghost, too petrified to scream. He had to swallow twice before his brain started functioning again.
      Then he looked closer, and revised his initial estimation. No child could possibly have such a sexy body! Pert breasts jutted up beneath her thin wet shirt, and her slim hips were curved beneath snug black jeans. Only her height was misleading; she barely reached his broad shoulders.
      He’d heard that Latin girls matured early, but surely she must be at least eighteen!
      And God Almighty, did she look sexy in those tight, skimpy wet clothes!
      Marisa’s heart began to thud as she stared at Bryce’s bare chest. She knew that some of her girlfriends thought men were really sexy. But until this moment, she hadn’t understood why.
      Oh, how she longed to run her fingers over that broad expanse, to feel his muscles flexing beneath her hands! Her mouth went dry, and her thoughts scattered...

Word Count: 4,252

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