One Hot Summer Day


[teen, virgin, male virgin, hardcore sex, anal, pregnant, childbirth, post-apocalyptic]

When "The Pulse" hit, and their civilization was destroyed, Callie's parents escaped into the high mountains with Callie and her best friend, Cody. For six carefree years, they laughed and worked and played together--until one hot summer day, they learned to play a delightful new game.........


      I'd seen Cody naked, of course. You can't live in such cramped quarters for so many years without noticing how different we look under our clothes. And we always liked to sneak away and splash naked in the creek where it deepened into a small pool. It was the best way we knew to cool off on a steamy summer afternoon.
      But I'd never seen him like this...sprawled in the shallow water, with one hand wrapped around his pee-thing, stroking it up and down with such a weird look on his face!
      "Whatcha doin,' Cody?" I drawled, stepping into the dappled sunlight where the trees gave way to a sandy shore.
      Cody yelped in surprise, and his face turned red as he scrambled for his worn cut-offs. "Damn you, Callie!" he snarled. "You'd no right sneakin' up on me like that!"
      That hurt, and I jammed both fists on my hips. "I wasn't sneaking! I was gonna catch some fish for dinner!"
      Cody's anger slowly faded as he saw the long wooden pole in my hand. "Well, you had rotten timing," he grumbled under his breath.
      "Why? Why were you doing that, anyway?"
      Cody flushed again, and tried to ignore my eager question. But by now I really wanted to know! I'd never seen him acting so weird before!
      Finally he scowled at me, and mumbled, "'Cause it feels good. Now will you let me alone?"
      "You're lucky," I sighed. "I wish I had a pee-thing that could make me feel good! Was it really very nice?"
      That made him feel bossy, and his chest puffed out as he grinned. "Only men have pee-things," he sneered. As if I didn't already know that. "Because we're bigger and stronger than you girls. So we're special!"
      Special, hah! I knew which of us was the better hunter!
      I ignored his teasing. "Well, what's it like?" I asked. If I couldn't feel good myself, at least I could still share it through him--we'd never hidden anything from each other before.
      Cody stared at me in shock. "What, you want me to pull it back out and show you?" he demanded.

Word Count: 4,535

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