Ghost Hunter


[paranormal, ghost, train sex]

Becca is the best ghost hunter in the world. And she thinks she's seen everything--until an intriguing rumor sends her to exotic far-off Romania to exorcize a haunted passenger train. But this is no ordinary ghost. And Becca is about to experience the most incredible sexual encounter of her entire life!


      I'd half-expected the door to be locked, but apparently local legend was enough to scare away anyone but the lunatic American woman. It opened easily under my wary touch.
      I took one step forward...and something shoved me, so hard that I stumbled headlong into the darkened car, and nearly crashed against the far wall. The door slammed with a resounding bang behind me.
      It appeared that my presence was not only welcome, but urgently demanded!
      "Been lonely a long time, haven't you?" I murmured as I pushed away from the wall, and slowly turned around.
      Then I felt the barest brush against my hair, as if a cobweb or a warm breeze had drifted past. My pulse began to race. It isn't often that a spirit can gather enough energy to actually physically touch a person.
      I waited, breathless...and sure enough, the touch came again. A little stronger this time. Slow, gentle, as if a hand was stroking the hair back from my forehead. I fancied that I could actually feel my hair move.
      Pressure exerted against my arm, lightly urging me backwards. Warmth traced across my cheek, as if a hand had caressed it. Then another touch, this time down my cheek and across my collarbone.
      "I know you're here, I can feel your hand. What do you want from me?"
      More feather-light caresses gliding through my long hair, down my throat, up and down my arms. Damned if it didn't feel more like a lover's caress!
      "What do you want from me?" My throat was clogged with growing nerves now. I'd never believed in the fanciful medieval 'incubus' tales. Ghostly lovers seducing young women, indeed!
      A single finger traced the deep valley between my breasts, and I felt my breath explode from my lungs. "You can't be serious!" My protest came out as a weak whisper, and my legs felt like jelly. "I can't... This is all wrong! You're not supposed to want contact with a living human anymore!"

Word Count: 4,079

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