The Soul-Eater's Seduction


[erotica, hardcore sex, paranormal, Halloween, mysterious goddess, mortal lover, hypnosis, seduction, blowjob, anal sex, multiple climaxes, trapped soul, eternal lover]

Once a year, Leitha reveals her true self to the world to find a lover with enough energy and stamina to send her spirit soaring. Last year was such a disappointment…will this year’s spell be potent enough to enthrall a really special man who can match her boundless passion? Untold delights await the mortal strong enough, brave enough to enter her lair when the October moon is full and bright…


      He knew these hills like the back of his hand. He'd hiked over every square meter as a child, a teenager, a young man. The mountain slopes drew together in an odd hollow where a bubbling creek burst from the craggy cliff face…but the hollow was empty. It had always been empty. Sometimes the stream ran strong and fierce, as though propelled by powerful underground forces, and sometimes it was a mere trickle. But nothing else had ever been in the hollow.
      Until now.
      A quaint little cottage had materialized from nowhere. It looked like something out of a child's fairytale. Thatched roof, sparkling windows, flowers spreading in lush blankets across the rocky ground. Heavenly scents were wafting on the cool breeze…an enticing blend of fragrant night-blooming flowers and rich, earthy undergrowth.
      Cautiously he inched closer to the half-open front door. Whimsical symbols were carved deep in the polished wood. They seemed to be glowing with unearthly fire as moonlight shimmered down in a silvery cascade.
      He knew he should turn and run, but his feet seemed in control of his body. They moved closer, closer, closer, until he could just catch glimpses of tiny colored lights flashing on the walls inside.
      Intrigued, he touched the doorframe, and felt it vibrate warm beneath his fingertips. Come in, come in! it seemed to say. Be welcome here!
      His heart began to pound. Hadn't his grandmother told him fanciful stories about fairies who lived deep beneath the rugged hills? They were stunningly beautiful, but dangerous…an unwary soul could lose its way, and remain trapped in their lair for a thousand years…
      Then he saw her, and his mind stumbled and fell in wondering awe.
      Long white-blonde hair as pale and fine as gossamer fell down her back in rippling waves. Her creamy complexion glowed with a mystical inner light. Her wide blue-grey eyes seemed to peer right through him, reading his every dazzled thought. Those dainty elven features, he realized with a wondering jolt, had haunted his dreams for longer than he could remember.
      And her body…
      Sudden heat arrowed through him as he devoured her lush body with eyes that were glazed with mind-numbing passion. Lush breasts, a sexy hourglass waist, tiny pale curls that were just barely visible beneath her sheer cobweb-fine robe. It was an erotic combination guaranteed to tease any red-blooded man past endurance.
      Of its own volition, his big hand rose and cupped the growing bulge in his tight jeans. Hot pleasure coursed through him, and he groaned with lusty delight.
      "I've been waiting for you." Her sweet voice echoed through his reeling mind like seductive harp music. "Do you want me, Jake?"
      He barely even wondered how she knew his name. Anything seemed possible in this dreamy half-world where time itself had stopped, and every sensual fantasy seemed possible. "I'll do anything you want!" he panted. "Anything at all!"
      Her smile widened, and he caught the barest glimpse of smug satisfaction behind the raw sensual beauty of her face. "Then come with me," she purred, and reached for his other hand. "Be my lover tonight."

Word Count: 3,455

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