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[Romance, romance erotica, May December romance, older woman younger man, milf, cougar erotica, mature erotica]

If it wasn't for bad luck, twenty-year-old Jamie would have none at all. With his only family being the aunt who raised him, and who now resides in a nursing home, Jamie is a step away from being homeless and forced to beg on the corner to survive. As bad as things are, Jamie is not a quitter, starting each day with the mantra "It will get better than this."

Today is Valentine's Day and little does Jamie know things are about to get a lot better for him. The one bright spot in his life, Paula an older woman who has befriended him, has also had some bad luck and despite being an amazing woman is alone.

Deciding to do something nice for Paula to repay her kindness, Jamie spends his last few dollars on a rose and a card for her. She is thrilled when he gives them to her, and Jamie feels good that he has made her happy.

What Jamie doesn't know yet is that sweet gesture is about to get him so much more in return.


      “Jamie,” Paula cut into my racing mind. “I just read the card a few minutes ago.”
      Oh shit, I thought. I’d gotten carried away and she was going to say something about it. I could feel my face starting to flush. I’d made myself look like an idiot.
      “Umm, look Paula…” I stammered, not sure what I was going to say. “I…”
      I stopped she reached put her hand on my shoulder, “That was the sweetest thing anyone has said to me in longer then I can remember.” She paused and I was shocked to see her eyes misting up. “Thank you Jamie, that card means more than you know.”
      Before I could speak, she leaned forward and hugged me. Unlike last time, she got both arms around me and pulled me close to her. I hesitated, before awkwardly putting my arms around her shoulders. Again my face was nestled into her, but this time it was the soft skin of her neck against my face. She smelled and felt amazing and I had to fight off the insane urge to kiss her neck. Paula released me, and sitting back in her seat looked at me as if she were embarrassed.
      “Sorry, I… well that card was just what I needed today.” She shrugged. “Valentine’s day has always been tough for me.”
      “Since the divorce?”
      “No, much longer than that.” She shook her head. “I was lucky if we went to dinner and most of the time I’d get candy or flowers, and only because his secretary would send them.” She paused then added quietly. “The one he’d been seeing for years.”
      “I’m sorry Paula.” I said.
      “Don’t be,” she smiled. “You turned a bad day good, Jamie, what you wrote was perfect.” She looked away for a minute then put her hand over mine and asked, “Did you mean it?”
      “Of course I did!” I exclaimed. “Paula you are the best person I know, I meant everything I wrote.”
      “Even the part about me being beautiful?” She smiled. “On the outside?”
      I blushed and unable to look her in the eyes said, “You’re very pretty Paula.”
      Paula laughed and I felt like a fool. Pretty. What was I a kid? Well of course I was, at least to her anyway, and apparently I was trying to enforce that view by acting like one.
      “No one has called me pretty in years.” She said. “Or beautiful for that matter.”
      “Well you are.” I told her. “You have gorgeous eyes.”
      “Thank you,” She smiled. “Your baby blues aren’t so bad either.”
      I didn’t reply as I was too busy wondering if she really meant that.
      “Jamie,” Paula began. “Would you do something for me?”
      “Anything.” I said quickly, a little too quickly, I thought.
      “I want you to go out to dinner with me tonight.”
      “I…” had I just heard that right? “Dinner?”
      “Yes dinner.” She nodded. “I’ll pick you up and we can go to my favorite restaurant.”
      “I…I don’t know Paula.” I put my hands out. “That, ummm… well it wouldn’t look right.”
      “To who?”
      I found I didn’t have an answer to that, and just sat there, staring like an idiot.
      “Look Jamie,” Paula said squeezing my hand. “I haven’t gone out on Valentine’s Day in years and I would love a chance to dress up and go out.”
      “But with me?” I shook my head. “Come on, Paula I’m sure there’s some guys who would…”
      “I don’t care about other guys, I want to go out with the guy who gave me such a beautiful card and who made me happy today.”
      Oh boy, this was starting to get awkward. I kept telling myself this meant nothing, but it seemed like it did. I should keep saying no, it was the right thing, I had no business going out with someone like her, hell she had kids my age. Then again, the thought of finally seeing her dressed up, would be…
      “So what do you say Jamie, you want to go out with me tonight?”
      “You mean like a date?” I blurted out.
      Oh, you fucking moron, I thought as soon as the words left my mouth. What a first class boob.
      “I mean like two people going out and having a good time together.” She shrugged and said. “But you can say it’s a date if you want. Tonight can be anything you want it to be.”
      Anything? Slow down Romeo, she’s just playing along with me.
      “Well jeez I can’t be as special as you say I am if you need this much time to decide.” Paula said shaking her head. “So much for my confidence.”
      “It’s not that,” I said quickly. “I just, I can’t pay and I…”
      “Don’t worry about money, I have plenty, what I don’t have is someone to spend Valentine’s with.” She sighed. “Not even my Valentine.”
      “Well I...”
      “You don’t have to worry about dressing up,” she pointed out. “We can…”
      “I have something nice I can wear.” I told her.
      “Really?” she smiled. “I’d love to see you dressed nice.”
      That makes two of us, I thought. I was running out of ways to say no.
      “Come on Jamie,” she said, “It would make me sad to be alone tonight.”
      Paula put her head down and looking up at me though her eyelashes with those huge brown eyes pushed her lips into a pout and whispered. “You wouldn’t want me to be sad tonight would you?”

Word Count: 25,950

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