Her Best Offer


[Milf, cougar, cougar cub, milf erotica, milf fantasy, oral sex, big tits, busty milf, cheating milf, older woman younger man]

Nineteen year old Kenny is upset. His parents are going away for the weekend and he planned on two days of doing whatever he wants. Then his father ran an ad to sell their old furniture this weekend and put Kenny in charge of it so now he has to hang around the house waiting on phone calls and showing furniture.

But it turns out better than he thought when Jasmine, a smoking hot red headed Milf, shows up and is interested in their dining room table. She only wants to pay half of what Kenny's dad wants for it and he tells her no. That's when things heat up because Jasmine really wants that table and she makes Kenny an offer he can't refuse!


      “Hmmm, there are some nicks here.” She rubbed her finger along the edge.
      “Really?” Pretending to be surprised, I walked over and bending over stared at where her finger was.
      “Yup, here and here.” She moved her finger a few inches to the left.
      “Huh.” I grunted, and then lifted my eyes to stare down her shirt.
      This close I could see more of the black lace cup of her bra and could just make out a little of the pink flesh around her nipple peeking out.
      “Well it is used.” I shrugged, as I straightened up.
      “True, but the ad said perfect condition.”
      She came around to my side and looked at one of the chairs. She squatted down to tug on the rungs and the move caused her dress to ride up and flash me the bottoms of her well rounded ass cheeks.
      “This one’s loose.” She wiggled it and acting like I cared enough to look at it, I came around the other side of the chair, giving up my view of her ass cheeks to get another good look down her dress. “And there are a few nicks on the top of it too.”
      “Well you can just take a wood filler stick to them and sand it a bit.” I told her, “It’s not a lot of work.”
      “I guess not.” She stood up and shrugged, making her tits jiggle. “So, how much?”
      “It’s right in the ad, four fifty.” I forced my gaze up to her face now that she was paying attention.
      “But it has all those nicks.” She pointed out, “Can you do a little better for me?”
      “Well,” I stroked my chin, pretending to mull it over. “You did come all the way over here and I can tell you really like it….how about four hundred?” I winked, “Just for you.”
      “You mean the price you really wanted.” She returned the wink, “Come on, Kenny give me a real deal.”
      “That’s the best I can do.” I told her.
      “Aw, but honey.” She pushed her lips into a pout, “I really want this table!” She lowered her head and with her blue eyes peering out from beneath her long lashes added, “Please? Please give me a better deal?”
      She gave me a big smile as I stammered and I thought this so wasn’t fair. “Tell you what; I’ll give you two fifty.”
      “Two fifty? That’s not even close.”
      “But it’s all I have.” She pouted again, “And it would look so good in my house.” She sighed, “It would make me really happy.”
      “I can’t.”
      “Sure you can.” She said, “Come on, Kenny, do a girl a favor.” She moved closer to me and was now so close her breasts were almost touching my chest. “Pretty please?”
      “Sorry, but my dad said not to take less than four hundred.” Soon as I spoke I wanted to slap myself in the head, God, I’d just made myself sound pathetic.
      “Oh.” For the first time since she arrived, the smile left her face. “Well, where is he? I’ll talk to him.”
      “Him and my mom are out of town.” I told her.
      “Really?” The smile returned, “They left a good looking boy like you all alone? I bet you’re planning on having a lot of fun this weekend.”
      “No, not really. Kind of stuck taking care of this.”
      “Aw,” She clucked her tongue, “You poor baby. You should be having fun! I know I love to have fun.”
      She turned away from me and walked up to the table, “Honey, we have to work something out because I so want this!”
      “Jasmine I can’t go…”
      My words faded away when she bent all the way over the table to run her hands over the opposite end. Her dress rose all the way up, showing off her well rounded ass that was bare except for the thin black string of her thong, between her smooth, white ass cheeks.
      “God I want this.” She said in a soft, sexy purr, “Haven’t you ever wanted anything so bad you could taste it, Kenny?”
      “I do know that feeling.” I said in a barely audible whisper.
      “Hmm, I’m sure you do.” She continued running her hand across the table, her ass swaying back and forth as she did.
      I took in not just her ass, but the backs of her amazing legs that ended in those damn fuck me shoes. My cock was swelling in my jeans and I had no doubt she knew what she was doing. But there was no way I could screw this up to the tune of a hundred fifty dollars just because she was hot.
      “Four hundred; take it or leave it.” I told her. “I’m sure someone else will call.”
      “But they won’t appreciate it like I will.” She straightened up and turning around walked back up to me, “Bet they won’t make you the deal I will either.”
      “Your deal was two fifty.” I reminded her, “I can’t do that.”
      “Two fifty in cash.” She gave me a sly smile, “Who says that’s all I have to offer?”
      “What do you…?”
      “Tell you what, baby,” she put her hands on my arms, “How about this. How about I give you two fifty and the best blow job you’ve ever had?”

Word Count: 9,070

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