Becca Sinh's Top 10 Erotic Stories - Volume 4


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Now, for the first time, you can read 10 more of Becca's favorite hot erotica stories in one convenient volume!


1) Afternoon Delight - Nikki had wanted Christopher to be her first lover ever since she caught him banging one of the cheerleaders after the Homecoming football game. But since he only saw her as the tomboy tagalong who'd followed him around for years, she reluctantly let another guy be 'the first.' Now Christopher is finally interested...and so is his sexy roommate, Ian! And Nikki is about to learn what sex-done-right is really all about!

2) Cara Mia - He'd watched her change from a gawky tomboy into a gorgeous young woman. And when he found her alone in a skimpy bikini, eagerly reading a trashy romance novel, Marcus simply couldn't resist anymore! Mariah was every inch a sexy, seductive temptress...and he burned to be her first lover!

3) Electra - Electra wasn't just any spy. She specialized in distracting the guards with outrageous sex...and she was extremely good at her job!

4) Hot Summer Orgy - Bambi knew that Danny would make her first sexual experience fantastic. But she didn't have any idea just how good it really would be--especially when his best friend, Murphy, decided to join the party!

5) Just Like In The Movies - Monica had grown up in a sheltered convent...but now she was eighteen, beautiful, and eager to live life to the fullest! So she couldn't resist the temptation of spying on Mathias from the shadows while he watched his naughty porn movies. Why did they do those strange things? Why did it make her feel so strange inside? And could she entice Mathias into 'doing it' with her, before her mother married his father, and made him forbidden forever?

6) Paradise In White - Alexa hadn't planned on having a one-night stand...until she was literally bowled over by a fellow skier who was a hazard on the slopes, but absolutely amazing in bed!

7) Special Delivery - Terra was nearly always horny, and she’d fantasized about seducing her sexy young delivery driver, Rand, for months. She just knew that it would be his first time, and she ached to teach him the sweet joys of hot, sweaty sex. But she wasn’t the only one who was dreaming about seduction...and if Rand ever gathered the courage to make the first move, he was going to give her a special delivery that she’d never forget!

8) The Dance Contest - It was sheer chance that made Holly turn into the local bar to enter their dance contest--but the real dancing was in the back room! And when a gorgeous hunk started coming on to her, she got a whole lot more than she'd bargained for!

9) California Dreaming - Honey had known she was going to like living in California...but when she met her uncle's sexy poolboy, Ryan, and caught a glimpse of the enormous bulge in his tight swimsuit, she knew that her horniest fantasies were about to come true!

10) Birthday Bang - Conner was Bailey’s best friend, photographer, and business agent all rolled into one, and he’d cared for her ever since her mom had died ten years ago. But she’d never realized that he’d lusted after her for as long as he could remember...and today, on her eighteenth birthday, he planned to introduce her to a whole new meaning of the word 'fun...'

Word Count: 142,705

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