Anna Blows Town


[first-time anal, double penetration, biker orgy, group sex, hot wife, interracial sex, public sex]

Anna and her husband Elliot have come back to the small town they grew up because his mother is dying. She hated the town and her homecoming sucks as badly as she feared. Elliot’s mother has always hated her and doesn’t want her around. Elliot’s ex-girlfriend is her caregiver. The marriage is crap anyway, and Anna has trouble worrying about it.

Kat, Elliot’s twin sister, is back too--she’s the black sheep and mom has no interest in her either, so Kat and Anna share a motel room. Kat wants to party and Anna is learning that some of the guys she had crushes on back in school think she’s hot. She smothers her dislike for the place with nonstop sex with several of them, swapping lovers with Kat and being used in ways she never imagined. The games lead to offers of a new life that might even get her out of town if she’s willing to do the wild and kinky things that her new friends like.

When she meets a biker who was the first guy she’d ever gone down on, and learns that he’s never forgotten that blowjob, that he wants more, she’s happy to oblige. And that begins to open other, even crazier doors. All she has to do is step through them.


      The dinner was fantastic. The place wasn’t crowded and it had a wonderful, homelike atmosphere. We talked and drank wine and ate a decent lasagne and followed it with coffee and Tiramisu. It had been ages since I’d eaten out at a real restaurant, and not having to worry about Elliot’s guilt feelings over spending money was liberating.
      It was late by the time we left and the waiter closed the door behind us. I heard it lock and then the lights went out. The parking lot was empty except for Chris’s car and brilliant stars overhead. Chris gave me a smile that told me he was planning something. The idea excited me. I had already cheated on Elliot with him and Rick. Then I’d blown him with Kat and Evan watching. I’d enjoyed the shit out of it and now I was more excited and curious about what else would happen than nervous. I was going along with the game. I'd fuck and suck this man all night if he could keep his cock hard.
      He pushed me back against the car and knelt in front of me. Before I knew it, he had one of my legs over his shoulder and my damp panties pulled to the side again. I moaned as he put his mouth on the tender flesh and began to eat me. Right there under the stars, in the parking lot, his tongue was dancing in my cunt. He opened the lips of my pussy with his thumbs and ran his tongue everywhere. I tangled my fingers in his short hair and gave myself to the sensations he produced as he explored between my legs.
      When he captured my clitoris with his mouth and tormented it… I came, shuddering, wetting his face with my juices.
      He put my leg down and I saw the back door of the car was open. Evan was on top of Kat, fucking her in the back seat. His pants were around his ankles and his bare ass reflected the moonlight.
      Chris undid his pants. His cock looked huge. He bent me over the hood of his car and moved behind me. I felt his cock brush against my bare thigh and gasped as he drove it into me. “Yes,” he moaned. Then he started pumping it in me, fucking me there in that parking lot.
      “Holy shit,” Evan cried out from the back seat.
      Chris leaned over me to whisper in my ear. “He’s coming in her cunt,” he said. “And I’m going to come in yours.”
      I’d never done anything like this before, being with another couple fucking while being fucked. It was winding me up in ways I’d never experienced. Suddenly I was coming, trying to find something on that damn car to hold onto as I came, and then feeling the hot, wet, spurts of his cum as he shot it into me.
      I was pretty sure we all looked a bit ragged as we pulled our clothes back into shape, got into the car and headed for the motel.

Word Count: 28,500

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