Beth's Hypnotic Sexy Wolf Shifter - Part 2


[shifters, erotic series, erotic mystery, sex story, hot couple action, older men and teen girls, erotic werewolf fantasy, women’s erotic fiction, contemporary erotic fiction, alpha female and alpha male, multiple partners, hypnosis erotica, paranormal erotica, LGBT, lesbian erotica]

As Beth gets to know Kalon and his pack on a very erotic and more intimate level, their growing realisation that they've met her before excites them into a passionate frenzy. Beth's friend, Mona, goes to find her after noticing she's been missing from work for too long, only to discover much more than her whereabouts when she too becomes acquainted on a very intimate and passionate level with the wolf shifters - who want nothing more than to pleasure the women as much as possible. Kalon, however, is now under Beth's spell - and someone else who Beth knows wants to be, too, after they discover that they have feelings for her that they refuse to ignore. Another wolf shifter pack emerges, resulting in things getting very interesting...


      Looking into Kalon’s eyes, Beth saw herself in a different time and a completely different room. She tasted a metallic taste in her mouth. It was blood. Touching her lips, she felt something pointed meet the soft and fleshy pads of her fingertips. Her very different teeth…
      “What the hell?”
      Kalon stood behind her. Sliding his muscular arms around her waist she looked down to see the hair on them had increased dramatically. His rock hard cock pressed against her bottom and she felt aroused again. For the moment though, confusion and an increasing curiosity flitted and swirled through her mind. Turning around, she looked into Kalon’s eyes but his face was so very different. Lycan and able to transform himself at any given time, under the silvery light of a full moon, or when not. He was now a wolf. A powerful and menacing-looking one at that too; towering over her, making her look and feel so tiny next to his hulking size. But, rather than feel afraid, she felt like the dominant one instead. A switch had activated in her mind, taking her by complete surprise.
      “Sit!” she ordered, a new-found confidence finding its way from her mouth as he obeyed her command. It could have gone the other way but something inside her instinctively told her that he was, and would forever be – under her spell. He’d always taken it for granted that he alone possessed hypnotic powers; always getting others to fall under his spell, to be mesmerised by him, but now it was her turn. She loved the power that she suddenly had over him. To her, it felt like lassoing him and pulling him into not just her body, but into an invisible cage which only she had the key to unlock.
      “And stay there,” she continued, as he crouched, panting heavily, eyes full of lust and anticipation now.
      He watched her walk away, the feminine and oh so sexy sway of her ample hips getting his cock very hard again as his low growls of lust filled the room. Window frames vibrated in their brick vice-like grip as strong winds howled, not just with a sudden change in the weather, but with the power now encompassing the building, and Beth and Kalon too.
      Despite both being in a log cabin in the forest, this was no ordinary log cabin. It stank of luxury and had everything that money could buy.
      She seemed to know instinctively where everything was, finding whatever she needed without stopping and having to think about it. She felt a strong déjà vu sensation and knew she’d been there before. And not just the once either.

     Opening a drinks cabinet, she reached in and pulled out a bottle of beer. Flipping the top off with one of her elongated fingernails, she smiled. She was covered in soft and glossy black fur but she’d retained her most amazing and sexy curves. With her high heels flung in the corner of the room she felt free and relaxed enough to walk around barefoot. The size of her sexy feet hadn’t altered in her newfound state of being a shifter, a female wolf, but she didn’t need them to show off her incredible sexiness anymore. Naked was best, she felt.
      Her breasts were smooth and their rosy pink nipples were erect – waiting to be licked, kissed and touched by tongue, lips and fingers. Her pussy was bald and smooth, albeit for a thin line down the middle of her mound, just above her clitoris. Other than that she looked like the true female that she had always felt she was inside, and an incredibly desirable one at that too.
      Admiring herself in a large mirror she let her eyes slowly take in every inch of her body. A drastic improvement, she thought. She could hear Kalon still growling, but she didn’t look at him, refused to give him any attention. This was her moment, not his. She felt like a queen at that very special moment; able to command whatever her heart desired and to give or take away power from whomever she chose to, whoever pleased - or displeased her. She felt a new sexual lust she’d never felt before; a raw and carefree uninhibited state from that of her usual human nature. Feeling like the only woman in the world, she knew he could squash her frame with his strength but she also knew he wouldn’t dare to even try to.
      Turning around, she swigged out of the beer bottle, slowly swallowing the refreshing amber-coloured and bubbly cold liquid as her eyes settled upon the obscenely naughty sight of him masturbating; his huge and hairy fingers wrapped around his long and wide hairy cock, his even hairier balls swaying back and forth in motion as his hand glided up and down his iron-hard shaft. Pre-cum oozed from his slit. And he never took his eyes off her. Despite his hypnotic powers, it was he who found himself unexpectedly spellbound instead.

Word Count: 7,760

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