Her Best Friend For Christmas


[Lesbian, Lesbian First time, Lesbian seduction, Lesbian erotica, first time, best friend seduction]

While visiting her best friend, Holly during spring break, Heather witnesses two girls enjoying each other. Heather not only becomes aroused at the sight, but can't seem to get it out of her mind. As time passes she becomes more and more interested, but is too shy and nervous to approach a woman.

Horny and frustrated, the only person Heather has confided to about her secret fantasy is Holly. Holly has always been into women and tries to encourage Heather to explore her desires, but to no avail. It's now the night before Christmas Eve and, as is their tradition, the two girls spend the night together at Heather's house to exchange gifts.

But this year is going to be very different as Holly has decided to give Heather two special gifts. One, the gift of her body as she shows Heather just how much fun two girls can have together. The second one, however is even more important as Holly has a secret of her own she is about to reveal; that she has been in love with Heather and wants to give her much more than her body for Christmas!


      My newly awakening wanton side was in control and my fingers continued to move, driving me towards what I already knew was going to be one hell of an orgasm. I was breathing hard through my mouth and each breath turned into a whimper as I stroked my clit. Holly caused me to jump when she reached across and grabbed my left hand.
      She lifted it to the bottom of my shirt and slid it underneath. Taking her hint, I found my nipple beneath the shirt and rolled it between my fingers. “Oh!” I moaned as the added stimulation caused my legs to straighten and my pussy contract around my fingers, I was so close.
      “Hey, I let you see.” Holly giggled and grabbing my top, pulled it down to expose my tits.
      I was beyond protesting. All that mattered now was my impending orgasm and that was seconds away. I lifted my ass off the bed and closed my eyes in anticipation of coming.
      “Oh, yes.” I breathed, my fingers frantically playing my clit.
      “Let me help.” Holly said in my ear.
      I opened my eyes at her words, just in time for her to lower her head and take my nipple into her mouth.
      “Hey!” I cried out and in a panic sat up so quickly I pushed Holly over and she bumped into the wall the bed was against.
      “What the fuck, Holly?” I demanded as I pulled my shirt back up.
      My heart was pounding and I was trying to catch my breath. I had gone from seconds away from exploding to pissed off and embarrassed.
      “I…I was…trying to make you feel good.” She said, sitting up next to me. “Just trying to help.”
      “I didn’t need any help and you…you touched me!”
      “Technically I sucked you,” she winked, “Big difference.”
      “Why would you do that? You’re my best friend, we’re…we’re not that way with each other.”
      “We could be.” She shrugged, “We could have fun, you know friends with benefits or…” she gave me a shy smile that was out of place for the usually confident Holly. “Who knows?”
      “I know you need to keep your hand….your everything to yourself.” I crossed my arms over my chest. Picking up the remote I shut the TV off, “And I think you should go sleep on the cot. I’ll get it out of the closet.”
      “Oh, come on.” She smiled, “We always stay in your bed and watch movies and tell stories and…”
      “Right, but we don’t touch each other.” I gave my hair a toss, “If you won’t move, I will.”
      I spun on my ass and swung my legs over the side of the bed and started to get up. Holly caught my arm from behind. While turning the lamp back on.
      “Stop being a drama queen.” She laughed.
      “I’m serious, that wasn’t right, Holly.”
      “Why not?” She held onto my arm and I felt her slip up behind me. “What, we can’t have some real fun together?”
      “I…Holly I…I’ve never even had that kind of fun yet and you’re…”
      “The person to have it with.” I started to stand, but she caught my hair and tugged on it, keeping me sitting.

Word Count: 20,280

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