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For whatever reason, lack of men or lack of the right men or for something else, some men and women feel the need to provide their own orgasms. Here are 14 short stories of women who use toys or other methods to accomplish this. The writing is explicit so these stories are all intended for adults only.


Excerpt from “Sharon and Jackie and a Double Dong”:
      When she felt my fingers applying the Aqualube, she looked back at me, grinned lewdly and said, “Don’t forget the condom.”
      I hadn’t forgotten; I had put one on already and prepared my cock before starting on her ass. With Jackie’s adorable pink hole ready, the women stopped fucking to allow me to join them. She backed her pussy off the dildo and reached back with her hands, spreading her ass cheeks so I could enter her fully. Jackie knew that her ass, being essentially virginal, would be very tight and she wanted me to get my cock all the way into her so all three of us would get the most enjoyment from her first double penetration.
      While the women waited, I reached into Jackie’s well-lubricated ass and opened her sphincter. With the fingers of one hand holding her open, I guided my stiff cock with the other one and placed the tip at Jackie’s rosebud. With both her hands and one of mine holding her open, I gave a short push and the tip of my cock popped inside her ass.
      “Oh!” Jackie responded. “That feels good. Funny, but good.”
      “Let me know if it hurts,” I told her as I wedged another inch of my rigid cock into the place where no man had gone before.
      “A little, but don’t stop. It feels good and it keeps feeling better.” A few seconds later, she said “It doesn’t hurt at all now. Mmm, I like it. I really like it.”
      I was glad she liked it because I did too. After checking to be certain no loose skin, either hers or mine was going to be trapped, I slowly thrust forward again and almost another inch was embedded in Jackie’s ass.
      “Oooo, yeah,” she murmured, cooing with delight as my cock stretched the opening of her ass. “Oh, that is so good.” I could smell fresh pussy juices, running from her, down the shaft of the double-dong and onto Sharon’s legs and crotch.
      A dozen more firm shoves embedded my cock completely in Jackie’s avid ass, every one evoking greater expressions of sexual excitement. With my shaft all the way inside, she and Sharon resumed fucking. As the woman on top, Jackie was in control again and, as she slowly impaled her pussy on her end of the double-dong, I drew my cock most of the way out of her ass. It remained there while she pulled the toy from Sharon’s pussy and drove it back in again, eliciting pleasurable moaning from her roommate. Jackie followed that stroke by raising her pussy from the dildo and, as she did, I plowed my cock back into her ass again, all the way to my pubic hair.

Word Count: 37,627

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