I Bet My Hotwife #2 - I Bet My Hotwife…And Lost Again!


[interracial, hotwife, wife watching, cuckold, hardcore sex, anal sex, blowjob, cunnilingus, public sex, lesbian sex, voyeur, masturbation]

Kristen and Will are enjoying their long-delayed honeymoon in Jamaica when Larry, Will’s domineering BBC boss, unexpectedly joins them. When he sees Kristen sunbathing nude, he takes her multiple times—hard and unprotected—while Will is finally allowed to watch. But Kristen’s wild sexual adventures are only beginning, and she’s about to discover that women make excellent lovers, too!


      Larry directed me to a chair. “I didn’t like you walking around last time,” he said. “So we’re going to take care of that.”
      Larry secured me to the chair—all except my right hand, which was tied so that I could at least reach my erection. I wasn’t happy being tied up but, by this point, I was as hard as I’d ever been and having a hard time catching my breath. Larry just looked smug.
      We watched as Kristen walked out of the bathroom, her hair wet and her face showing a combination of fear, anticipation, and excitement. My wife, the woman I loved more than anything in the world, stood naked by another man’s bed waiting for instructions. Larry’s first orders were predictable enough. He sat on the edge of the bed and ordered Kristen to get on her knees and crawl to him. I watched my wife ease gracefully to the floor and start to crawl, her breasts swaying, her eyes never leaving him.
      “Tell me what you are, Kristen,” he ordered.
      “I’m your slut, Larry.”
      “Will you do anything I tell you to do?”
      “Can I do anything I want to you?”
      “Yes.” My wife seemed to have lost any will of her own. She was Larry’s to command.
      “Do you care that your husband is watching you be my whore?”
      “Does it excite you to have your husband watch as you whore yourself?”
      She glanced at me quickly before fixing her gaze on Larry “Yes, it excites me to have my husband watch me be your slut, Larry. You know that you own my pussy.”
      “Well, what are you waiting for? Use your mouth and make me hard,” he ordered.
      Kristen moved forward and started licking the fire hose between Larry’s legs. Her eyes were closed as she eagerly cleaned him. Starting at the top, she licked, sucked, and kissed all the way down to his balls. When his he was dripping wet with her saliva, she sucked each of his enormous balls into her mouth.
      Larry groaned as my wife worked on him. I did, too. At the same time, I was embarrassed by her humiliation, and by the way I was responding to the sight of her on her knees. My wife was breaking my heart by giving herself to, not just another man, but Larry.
      Before Kristen tried to get the bulk into her mouth, she asked for permission to touch herself. Larry bought out my wife’s submissive side in ways I never could. He told her to beg first.
      “May I touch myself, sir?” she begged.
      “You can do better than that, Kristen,” he said.
      “Please, sir, can I touch myself while I suck you?”
      Kristen’s lifted both hands from the floor. One went immediately between her thighs, causing her to moan as her finger touched her clit. The other wrapped partially around Larry’s penis and guided it to her mouth. She’d sucked her large rubber dildo, but still I watched in amazement as she licked and sucked the into her mouth. My tiny wife still couldn’t take the whole thing.
      One hand stroked her clitoris as her tongue worked the underside. Larry’s eyes were fixed on her, his hand running through her white-blonde hair. Kristen looked up at him as her pink tongue licked him. Her light blue eyes held a worshipful expression that scared me, even as it sent a charge straight through my hard-on.
      “Did you bring your collar, slut?” Larry asked.
      “Yes,” she answered, drool running down her chin.
      “Get it for me,” he ordered.

Word Count: 17,700

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