Edwin Percy's Anal Adventures


[gay sex, gay virgin, first time gay sex, group sex, buggery, oral sex, male/male/male, age play gay]

As Edwin Percy nears his thirtieth birthday, he laments his virginity. Determined to rid himself of this handicap, he resolves to get laid–often!


      Rob put his arms around me, rubbing his cock gently across the cheeks of my bum.
      The lace of the panties was a bit scratchy, but I liked it, and I could feel the wet pre-cum making my arse cheeks sticky too.
      My cock got harder.
      Amazingly, I didn’t come; I think it must have been because I’d had too much to drink.
      It wasn’t long before I felt him pull my cheeks apart and nudge his glans up against my rectum.
      “Give me some lube,” he said to Howard.
      I felt confused, but happy at the same time and kept still while he applied the cold gel to my arsehole.
      “Will it hurt?” I managed to say, through passion so intoxicating that I could hardly breathe.
      “Maybe,” said Rob. “Don’t worry though, I’ll finger you first and put plenty of lube up your arse. I’ll be gentle too. If it hurts, tell me, and I’ll stop.” Even in my inebriated state, I was certain that I wouldn’t tell him to stop.
      I’d waited too long for this moment, and I wasn’t going to ruin it.
      I felt proud of my hard, glistening cock.
      Howard came over to us and got in front of me in 69.
      As Rob prepared to enter my rectum, Howard took my cock into his mouth.
      “Oh boy…Oh boy…”
      Never, ever had anything felt as good as that man’s mouth around my cock.
      My erection pulsed, encased inside his cheeks; he played with the end of my cock with his tongue, sending shivers all through my body. I knew I wouldn’t last long at all. I didn’t attempt to reach his cock because I was too busy concentrating on holding onto my cum and revelling in the activity around my arsehole. I could hear Rob opening a rubber and putting it on.
      I tried awfully hard to stop myself coming, but within minutes of Howard starting to suck me, I couldn’t contain it.
      Feeling my cock pulsing cum into his mouth.
      At the exact moment Rob buried himself into my arsehole, I felt Howard swallow my ejaculate.
      I won’t lie, being buggered hurt like hell, but it didn’t take long until Rob spunked, filling the condom, before pulling himself out. It felt decidedly strange as he took his cock out of me, and I wondered if I’d embarrass myself, but all was well. I’ve since learned that an enema is an excellent idea before a hot night out. I love doing them too.
      I’m sure I could get addicted to enemas.
      At last, I wasn’t a virgin anymore. Not only had I been sucked, I’d also been fucked, my arse felt pleasingly tender, I fell asleep on the sofa, planning my next encounter.
      I liked my first experience of cock, and I wanted more.

Word Count: 8,456

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