Futanari Billionaire #1 - Taken By A Futanari Billionaire


[futanari, dickgirl, teen, lesbian, sex, public sex, oral sex, dominant, submissive]

Chelsea was made the prize of a billionaire game of blackjack, and she now must entertain the beauty & pharmaceuticals mogul Michelle Tanaka in her private penthouse suite. But Michelle is hiding a big secret under her robe, one that will shatter Chelsea’s understanding of the world and her own sexuality.


      Chelsea gazed into her strange lover’s smiling face as they positioned themselves together: Michelle atop her with a hand lowered to guide her cock into Chelsea, and Chelsea’s own hand to aid the process. Their fingers touched as they handled Michelle’s shaft together. When Michelle first entered her, Chelsea gasped and then bit her lips, focusing on the intensity. She gripped Michelle’s waist and waited as inch after inch entered her.
      The woman with the penis leaned her head back and sighed, relishing the feeling of being enveloped by Chelsea. Purring, she caught the young girl’s eye again and slowly pulled out, and it was all Chelsea could do to not cry out from the intensity. Their lovemaking began slowly–a game of teases and tests as they wordlessly dared each other, and themselves, to push forward. Once their rhythm picked up, and Chelsea was finding it easier to accommodate such enormousness, their breaths quickened and the bedsprings started screaming. Michelle Tanaka rested her full bodyweight on the younger woman, and Chelsea loved the feeling of being pinned under such a powerful person. Those broad yet very female shoulders were a joy to watch and touch. Those huge breasts were crushed against her own chest; Michelle’s large, stiff nipples flicking against her own much smaller and pinker ones. The room was filled with a cacophony of bedsprings, sighs, moans and squeals. Soon, Chelsea was doing the impossible and taking in almost the entire length of the cock, flooded with euphoria at how deep it felt within her. Michelle was picking up her thrusts, and with a hand on Michelle’s ass, Chelsea encouraged the woman with a dick to go harder and faster. It wasn’t long before her screams were bouncing off the opulent walls. She begged Michelle not to stop; pleading her to give her more and more. Her wish was granted, and as soon as the entire length of that enormous cock inside the young woman, the sex grew from amazing to mind-blowing. Michelle moved with the fury and determination of a prize horse racing to the finish line.
      With their fingers entwined and their lips pressed together, Chelsea and Michelle rode the soaring wave of ecstasy that only seemed to grow higher. Chelsea was enveloped in Michelle’s warm scent–expensive, sharp perfume mixed with sweat. With her face pressed against the woman’s chest, Chelsea’s mouth found one of the nipples and suckled, tasting the sweat. Michelle cried out at this, and a shockwave of pleasure traveled through her and into Chelsea, causing the girl to make a muffled squeal around the soft flesh of her partner’s breast.
      Their lovemaking was so intense that it just seemed to keep building, showing no sign of reaching a head for Chelsea. This was different to the oral sex Michelle had just given her. Reaching orgasm with penetration alone wasn’t something that happened often, or ever, to Chelsea. Michelle, on the other hand, was clearly getting close and closer to her own climax, because the woman with the penis was grinding against her with such intensity that was causing the teen’s screams to shake the walls.

Word Count: 10,000

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