Futanari Billionaire #3 - Bonded To The Futanari Billionaire


[futanari, futa, dickgirl, teen, lesbian, sex, oral sex, dominant, submissive, blackmail]

Chelsea Summers has signed the contract from hell. In order to stop a sex tape of herself with the futa socialite Chantelle LeBron from seeing the light of day, the teen must become a sexual servant to the futa billionaire Trisha Stern. But keeping Trisha satisfied every day isn’t easy, and there’s always the temptation to sneak into the billionaire’s private study and finding where she's hiding that incriminating tape...

BONDED TO A FUTANARI BILLIONAIRE is the third book in the FUTANARI BILLIONAIRE series, and is over 16,000 words of dominant, hardcore sex between a woman and a futanari!


      Trisha stuck the end of the toy into her own mouth and sucked on it, coating it with her spit. Then, she slowly lowered its black, shiny form onto Chelsea’s breast, and the sensation of her warm spit and the intense vibration made Chelsea gasp. Her nipple tensed, which only made it more sensitive when her captor circled the humming toy around it. Her breaths came in sharp and rapid. Her face burned red as her pleasure grew and she felt the sheets dampen under her. The teen hated that her body was reacting so easily to this stimulation. She loathed this woman, and the only reason she agreed to any of this was to ensure that her sex tape with the socialite Chantelle LeBron and the infamous popstar Penny Rouge never went public.
      She had to suffer a little now so that she wouldn’t suffer the rest of her life.
      Her only hope was that Trisha would grow bored of her eventually and let her go – but not before deleting the recordings.
      Was it smart to trust this cunning businesswoman? After all, it would take no effort at all for Trisha to simply copy the file and send it out as she wished. Maybe all this would be for nothing; Chelsea could spend months, even years, as Trisha’s plaything, and the video could still be released.
      But the sad reality was that she had no other choice.
      The college student lay there, writhing as the pleasure mounted. Trisha’s hand descended and she traced a humming line down the teen’s sternum before drawing circles around her belly button, and ending at Chelsea’s sensitive thighs. The girl tensed and bit back a moan as more thunder flashed outside. She was absolutely dripping wet now, but the last thing she wanted was the billionaire taking that powerful toy to her pussy. She didn’t want to give this psycho the satisfaction of hearing her—
      “Oooooh GOD!” The humming black head hit her clitoris, and Chelsea bucked and screamed involuntarily. She couldn’t stand this, it was like her body was betraying her. She had no love for this woman, and yet her body was reacting to every one of her touches. She felt a hot, deep throbbing on her clit. Beads of sweat erupted all over her skin and her body radiated a pulsing heat. She didn’t want to. She couldn’t stand to. Even though she was powerless, she fought back, because she didn’t want Trisha Stern to have the satisfaction of giving her...
      The orgasm came on hard, fast, and strong. She involuntarily pulled against her bonds, and while she couldn’t feel any pain, they bit into her ankles and wrists. The teens eyes rolled back into her head and her mouth hung open in a disbelieving “O”. Her blonde hair was slick and sticky with sweat, and her heart thundered in her chest, as deafening as the thunder outside. When her breathing started to ease and she swallowed, trying to keep her mind intact after the screaming orgasm, she heard Trisha laugh again. “You’re just too precious. I’ve been dying to taste your sweet nectar again. I bet its heavenly after what I just did to you.”

Word Count: 16,840

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