Cherry Hill Park


[groupsex, oral sex, multiple orgasms]

This book is a continuation of the song of the same name. In very raunchy detail, it describes the way Mary Hill and a variety of guys loved to play games ’til way after dark. In Cherry Hill Park!


      Anyhow, Mary Hill started running beside the merry-go-round, and I grabbed the rail next to the one she had, and ran and shoved right behind her. When it was going fast enough, we jumped on, and stood on the planks holding onto the rails. I was standing upright, but Mary Hill was bending way over, and her mini-skirt was riding high up over her hips. She was wearing skimpy white panties under the skirt, not much more than a thong, and they were wet with her sweat and were plastered against her body. I had a good view of her ass cheeks and I could even see her cute little pink rosebud, because the material of her panties was thin and they were pressed tightly against her. All us guys agreed, in the daytime, Mary Hill was a teaser, but neither I nor any of the others objected because, once it got to be dark, she was such a pleaser.
      After a couple of short rides like that, two more guys, Pete and Andy showed up, and they got eager eyes watching Mary go round, just as I had. We all knew each other, although the new guys were a year older than I was. I had even played games with Mary Hill and Pete before, but not with Andy. We all said hello; they joined us on the merry-go-round and got the same view of her ass through the wet panties as I had been getting. Following a couple dozen more rides, we could all see night was getting closer because the sun had gone down, and the street lights had come on.
      “Do you think it’s dark enough yet?” she asked.
      We knew what she meant, and all the guys were in agreement and said it was dark enough to start playing the games we all loved.
      “I think you’re right. Okay, follow me. George, you and Pete know the place.” She picked up her purse and started walking to the spot where we all wanted to go.

Word Count: 6,088

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