Hot Threesome in Cold Antarctica


[threesome double penetration, age play difference, ass to mouth, cum play, anal sex, oral deep throat, MMF group sex, menage a trois, adult explicit erotica, father figure]

Secluded in an Antarctic age-related isolation experiment, Marisa is surprised when two men appear, one young and one old enough to be her father. They want to show her what she's been missing, and their methods are irresistible. She'd always wanted a menage a trois, but never thought it would actually happen. Now she's driven wild as they treat her to a very memorable New Year's Eve.


      “Goodness me but it's cold out there!” the man announced as he stepped inside, his white linen loincloth doing little to keep him warm as he let the robe fall to the floor. He rubbed at his body briefly to warm himself then smiled at the woman. “Happy old year, Marisa,” he greeted her, offering her a hand and when she instinctively took it, he pulled her into a warm embrace. He kissed her deeply, his strong arms wrapped around her soothingly to caress her back with unexpectedly warm hands.
      “I'm Twenty-fifteen, but you can call me Fifteen for short,” he told her with a smile as he kissed her again. His lips pressed to hers, he seemed to warm rapidly, his tongue probing into her mouth cautiously. “Sixteen will be here soon, you know?”
      It’d been so long since she'd been kissed that she didn't even mind when the very odd, complete stranger kissed her. She had no idea what he was talking about when he said he was 2015, but she figured that figments of her imagination didn't really need to make sense.
      Because it was traditional to kiss someone on New Year's Eve, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back, enjoying the feeling of being held in someone’s arms again. As it was though, she was sure she'd go for just about anything, she was so lonely and bored.
      Another knock came at the airlock and the older man carefully walked them over so he could open it without having to stop kissing. His blue eyes twinkled at both Marisa and the new arrival.
      A young man stood in the doorway, quickly closing it behind him before grinning, his all over-tan obvious given the thin sash and loincloth he wore. “Not a fit start to my year, fifteen,” he commented as he stepped up to the pair and began kissing Marisa's neck.
      “Indeed not, but we'll warm up quickly I'm sure,” Fifteen pointed out as they began to disrobe the woman.
      "Uh, am I hallucinating?" she asked, enjoying the feeling of them touching her.
      She saw her champagne glass and quickly downed it. The men smiled at her while they waited. When she was done, the older man took the glass, sitting it aside.
      Soon, they got back to work removing her clothes. Their hands were quick and sure, their kisses not missing a beat on her neck, ears and lips as she was swiftly stripped naked and embraced between their muscled bodies.
      She worried about how to write this up in her daily log, but brushed the concern away. At the moment, she was in a position that she’d always fantasized about; being crushed between two big, sexy men. It was too good to be true, and she knew it wasn’t really happening so she decided to enjoy it.
      Marisa was a petite woman with a nice, firm body. She’d never been self-conscious of her appearance and enjoyed sex on the few rare occasions she’d had it. So, when she was quickly disrobed, it suited her just fine.
      At the sensation of Sixteen’s cock pressing against her ass, she arched her back to feel it better. Having four large hands roaming her body caused her to groan into the older man’s mouth as her tongue rolled over his. Reaching down, she stroked his large cock beneath his loincloth.

Word Count: 5,065

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