Party on the Wild Side


[orgy, gangbang, fisting, double penetration, cheating, cuckold, hot wife, anal, submission]

Tani’s marriage isn't working. Billy is too focused on work to satisfy her. When her husband and his partner leave on a business trip, her friend Eve, the wife of her husband’s partner, suggests that they step out. She wants to go to a new club where hot athletes hang out. Also unsatisfied, she’s determined to get laid.

Tani has never cheated before and hesitates, but she goes along to check it out. It’s a happening place, and when Gerard, the club owner, turns on the charm she finds herself melting with desire. The passion she feels overwhelm any doubts, even when he has other men and women do her. In fact, she finds she's willing to do anything he wants. She loves every white-hot second of it. And then Gerard tells her she has to make a choice between playing on the wild side or her marriage.


      I stood there like a helpless fool as it dropped to the floor. His fingers touched my cunt through my panties and it startled me, his fingers burning as they were inside me. He was behind me, my back pressing against him, and his face nuzzling my neck, then tasting my earlobes. “I think you need your pussy devoured,” he said. The words were hot on my cheek.
      “Yes,” I said.
      “Then ask me to lick your pussy, Tani and I’ll make you come on my face.”
      My mouth was dry and his hands made my head spin and I struggled to speak, but I’d never wanted anything more than for Gerard to eat me. “Please eat my pussy, Gerard. Make me come hard on your tongue.”
      In a dream I was stretched out on a cushion on the floor. Faces swirled above me as Gerard removed my panties, undid my blouse and then moved over me.
      He kissed me, filling my mouth with his tongue, with desire. He bit my lip, then sucked it into his mouth.
      Finally he began kissing my neck, my breasts, leaving a wet trail that burned with lust as he worked his way down my writhing body. I couldn’t hold still.
      Every kiss, every lick, every touch was electric, arousing, stimulating. The faces above us were fuzzy and indistinguishable and I moaned for their pleasure.
      When his mouth reached my cunt, I tensed in anticipation, arching my back as his fingers spread my lips apart, then I cried out as his hot, wet tongue entered me, tasting me. He sucked my tender flesh into his mouth, and then explored more.
      I wrapped my legs around his his head and dug my heels into his back as that tongue fucked me, licked its way into untouched recesses. His finger stroked me, grabbed my ass cheeks to pull my cunt tight against his face. I tangled my fingers in his short, thin hair and gave myself to the pleasure that was welling up between my legs.
      A hand stroked my face and I opened my eyes to see a beautiful woman with dark eyes looking down at me. “Eat her, my love,” she said almost to herself, and then, as Gerard worked several fingers inside me and used his tongue and mouth to assault my clit, she put her face down and kissed my mouth.
      I’d never kissed a woman before. I’d never had a man eat my pussy with such enthusiasm. As she slipped her tongue into my mouth, Gerard pulled his fingers from my pussy and touched a wet finger to my anus. At the same time he captured my clit in his teeth and sucked air into his mouth.
      That was when I was shot into orbit. My body exploded, my eyes were filled with stars. I knew I was thrashing about with the fury of my orgasm, but it was doing it on its own. My awareness was only of the greatest feeling of pleasure I’d ever experienced. It was mind blowing, staggering and I shuddered and convulsed while Gerard continued to lick my pussy and the woman sucked my tongue into her mouth.

Word Count: 9,300

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