Busty Bobbi's Orgy


[orgy, double and triple penetration, blow job, eating pussy, sex toys, anal sex, analingus]

Busty Bobbi, a friend with benefits of George Boxlicker, is enamored by sex in all its glorious variations. One day, her favorite bang-buddy invited a group of men and women for a sex orgy with his friends and him. This novella describes the varieties of sex indulged in by the horny attendees. Because of the graphic description of sexual activities, the book is intended for adults only.


      Before doing anything else, his tongue sluiced everything from her crotch and thighs but, before he could start caressing her pussy lips, George rolled his eyeballs upward. There was Busty Bobbi, patiently holding her cheeks apart with her hands, waiting for one of the group to shove some fingers or a dildo or a baseball bat or something else into her ass. He turned his face from Melissa's pussy, difficult as that was, wetted his middle and index fingers in his mouth, twined them together and reached up to press the tips against the pretty pink hole she was holding open.
      Already, Busty Bobbi's sexy body was writhing from the extreme pleasure she was getting from the other four people, and it was easy for George to time her movements and thrust his fingers deeply into the waiting hole. While he was starting to do his part, his other hand was holding gently but firmly onto one of Melissa's succulent ass cheeks, because he loves patting her there, and he wanted to keep her pussy closely pressed against his mouth, both totally understandable desires. Before resuming eating her pussy, he fucked his fingers in and out of Busty Bobbi's ass a few times, doing more of his part to add to the blissful sensations she was already feeling.
      Everything that was happening felt good to Busty Bobbi. George's fingers were stimulated her ass, and Melissa was expertly eating her very sensitive, hairless pussy and two men were worshipping her breasts with their tongues and lips, Sam's cock was giving her mouth an equally wonderful adventure. The hard roundness of his thick shaft brought joy to her lips as she slowly moved her head back and forth, enveloping and releasing it. When his cock eased into her mouth, and again as she moved her head back, her agile tongue laved its entire length and girth. The feel of his skin, stretched tightly and smoothly around Sam's hard cylinder, was still another delight to her mouth. Sometimes she would remove it entirely, hold it in her fingers of the one hand that could reach it and lick the slit and all under the ridge. Busty Bobbi loved everything about Sam's cock, and the great time it was giving her.
      She loved everything about the mouths playing with her breasts and George's twisted fingers driving in and out of her ass too, but the best was what Melissa was doing for her pussy. The beautiful redhead's tongue had started by gently fondling one pair of inner and outer lips all the way to the equally beautiful brunette's Mount of Venus. When she was through devouring the plethora of fresh nectar, Melissa did the same to the other pair of lips. With Busty Bobbi's juicy pussy fucking up into her face, her tongue massaged the clit hood and curled underneath to cosset the adorable love button sheltering beneath.
      After a long and supremely pleasant period of her tongue laving the lady's pussy, Melissa decided it was time, to move up higher on the body of their hostess. George knew what she was doing, and he followed her, keeping his face pressed against Melissa's pussy. Holding one of her breasts in either hand, she aimed the first one at the waiting clit she had just been licking. Because Busty Bobbi had reached a very high level of arousal by then, it was swollen so much it had completely pushed its way out from under its protective hood, and was ready for the extreme stimulation of Melissa's erect nipples.

Word Count: 22,067

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