Taken In The Air Raid Shelter


[Historical WW2 erotica, mfm threesome menage, first time virgin, sex story, older man, younger woman teen, men in uniform]

When two American officers come to live in her mother's cottage, 18 year old Elizabeth's Lewis' war suddenly becomes rather more interesting.

Before long, she realizes that she's in love - with both of the two handsome Yanks! But do they feel the same way about her?

Her question is soon answered when an air raid forces them to share a shelter, and their amorous intentions become all too clear. Before she knows what's happening, innocent Elizabeth finds herself being taken in the air raid shelter!


      Joe took her head in his hands, his finger lacing through her thick red hair. Looking down at her with an animalistic lust, he used his grip on her head to force his cock even deeper into her throat. Inch by inch she swallowed it, almost choking, but determined to show that she could do whatever he asked of her. Joe began to thrust again, his excitement reaching new heights, moaning and sighing as he used her mouth for his pleasure. His excitement began to affect Elizabeth, and she realised that she too seemed to be reaching new pinnacles of pleasure, her slit sopping wet and her nerve endings on fire as Robert continued work his magic on her with his tongue. She began to shiver, a feeling building inside her, a feeling unlike anything she had ever experienced before. She felt like she might explode with pleasure.
      Then--she did. She felt like a bomb was going off between her legs, and for one brief moment worried that maybe it was a bomb, that the shelter had been hit. But then, waves of pleasure, not pain, began to flow through her, a climax so intense that she thought she might faint.
      Joe too, was reaching some kind of finale of pleasure. His hips bucked back and forth, his cock still sliding in and out of her mouth, wet with her saliva and with a sticky, salty substance. Finally, she felt his penis twitch in her mouth, and suddenly it began to spurt a hot, salty liquid into her mouth and throat. Caught by surprise, she almost choked, but then began to swallow it, gulping it down as it continued to gush into her mouth. Finally, the stream of liquid stopped. Joe gave a little sigh, and pulled his still hard cock from her mouth, rolling off her and off the bed. He slumped back down in the chair on the other side of the shelter.
      Robert too sat up, his task between her legs seemingly complete. Elizabeth's parts felt tender and tingly and raw. She was quite glad he had stopped – for now. He smiled at her.
      “So sweetheart, did you enjoy that?” he asked.

Word Count: 6,883

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