Christmas Caroler's Orgy


[threesome, young man and older woman, anal sex, oral sex, multiple orgasms, cunnilingus, fellatio, analingus]

Some of my friends and I love to go out during the Christmas season to sing carols outside the homes of neighbors. Even more, we love the sex orgy after our singing is through. This is the story of seven horny people and how we sang our Yuletide songs and followed that by banging our brains out back in my house. We all had a great time, but you’ll have to buy the book and read it to learn who did what and with whom.


      On one of these excursions, Melissa, Carmen, Frank, Susan, Steven, who is Susan’s brother, June and I got together and serenaded some of the friendly people in this town. We aren’t very good, being more enthusiastic than talented, so we only sing for people who don’t have watchdogs. We have taken this precaution ever since Scrooge McGrinch sicced his big German shepherd on us, which was totally uncalled for. As I said, we aren’t very good but we aren’t that bad either.
      Susan has a karaoke machine and she has copied the Christmas music from there onto tapes, and she played them in a boom box to accompany us. I brought one thermos of sweet, hot coffee with plenty of cream and another of coffee and Cognac. Personally, I stick with the coffee that isn’t spiked but some people like a few shots of brandy to go with their caroling and subsequent sexual fun.
      Usually, not a lot of the latter happens while we are singing, just a little fingering and fondling, but we all knew there would be plenty later, and sometimes some of us get an early start. A few weeks earlier June had been the second woman in history to experience Steven’s huge cock in her pussy, and she wanted to be the first one to do so that night. She stood close to him all during the singing, and I noticed twice she was reaching into his pants, getting some early first-hand experience, pun intended. June is a slender, dark-haired bisexual who describes herself as leaning more toward the lesbian side but around Steve and his long, thick cock, the straight side seems to predominate.
      Melissa, who is also bisexual, was standing between me and Frank and, during our rendition of “Silent Night,” I saw her give a little jump, and thought I heard her miss some notes. When I looked at her back, there was activity there, with something moving up and down, because Frank had his hand down the back of her pants and he was playing with her ass. I couldn’t blame him because Melissa has a really alluring ass, and I hoped to be fondling her there later while I was eating her pussy.
      After that, the caroling started evolving, some might say degenerating, into the sex part of the evening. Carmen was trying to sing but I was dry-humping her from behind, although my hands were outside the long coat she was wearing. Frank had his hands under Susan’s jacket and neither of them was even trying to sing, while Melissa was reaching down the front of June’s pants. June was being more versatile than the others, and was fondling both Melissa and Steve. Fortunately, the people we were caroling to or at just then are deaf anyhow, since none of the members of our group were paying much attention to the singing by that time.
      “Okay, kids,” I announced. “The singing is over for the night. Let’s all head for my house, and you know what we’ll be doing there.”
      We definitely all knew what we would be doing in my house so that was the place we all quickly headed. Our route that evening had started from there and followed a circle so we didn’t have far to go to return, and everybody was anxious to get back so we could begin, or continue more discreetly, our favorite activities.
      Our first stop at the house was the hall closet, where we removed and hung up our coats and jackets and left our shoes and socks. We all gawked at Carmen because, after she had finished hanging up her long wool coat, all she was wearing besides her Santa hat were a red bra and a very skimpy matching bikini bottom. Certainly nobody objected to her attire or lack of it, because she is a beautiful Hispanic woman, in her early thirties, with long black hair that hangs straight down her back, and has dark eyes, big, luscious breasts, a slender waist and a curvy ass, all covered with, smooth light brown skin.
      She grinned lewdly at us and told her reason for her lack of clothing. “I didn’t want to waste any time taking off a bunch of useless clothes before getting to the fun part of the night.”
      After saying that, she headed for the combination living room-dining room where that fun part would be happening. Except for Steven, all of the revelers had been there before that night and knew their way around in the dark, so June took his hand and guided him quickly through the house after they had hung up their jackets and left their footwear in the entry closet. Possibly, she didn’t want him and the sexy Carmen to get too cozy too soon.

Word Count: 18,247

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