Jim's Girlfriend


[Sexy Blonde, Cunnilingus, Threesome, Older man and young woman, Amorous couple, Multiple orgasms]

Susie Cue is a sexy blonde who lives with Jimmy Boxlicker. One day, Jim’s father comes by with his son’s mail, lets himself in and sees her toweling herself off after her shower. The blonde hotsy and the older man are so taken with each other they share sexual pleasures on the son’s bed and, when Jimmy comes home, he eagerly joins in a father and son sex banquet with Susie as the main course.


      There he beheld a truly alluring sight. A naked woman was standing on the bathmat, drying her face with what he recognized as one of the good bath towels Jim had taken with him when he moved out. She was short, just over five feet tall, with succulent appearing breasts and blonde hair that cascaded over her shoulders and down her back. He couldn’t tell whether she was a natural blonde or not because her crotch was hairless, having been either shaved or waxed, but he gave that question no more than a minimum of thought.
      As he looked at her, he was mostly thinking of how he would love to go down on the gorgeous body of the woman in his son’s bathroom. George was quite confident she was not a burglar or other kind of desperado because, for one thing, she was too beautiful and sexy and, more important, such a person would never have stopped to take a shower. He didn’t speak to her, preferring to watch the erotic sway of her lovely breasts as she finished toweling her face and neck.
      “Hey!” the young hotty blurted out as she lowered the towel and saw the unknown man standing less than six feet away. Quickly, she held the heavy white terrycloth in front of her nakedness and wrapped it around herself, even though she knew he had already feasted his eyes on the parts of her body most likely to interest a man.
      “Who are you?” she challenged him.
      “George Boxlicker. I’m Jim’s father. Now, who are you?”
      “My name’s Susie Cue and I’m his girlfriend and I live here.”
      As Susie looked closer, she could see the family resemblance. George had the same pale blue eyes she admired so much in Jimmy, several shades lighter than her own. The two men were both just over six feet tall, and had the same athletic build. She was quite taken with Jimmy’s receding hairline, having something of a fetish for baldness, but the head of his father far exceeded that. What he had was a great, sexy sweep of skin extending all the way back from his eyebrows, with just two narrow strips of hair above his ears.
      She also noted his bristly mustache and had a sudden deliciously wicked thought of how she would love to be lying naked on her back, looking down at that bald head between her legs while George’s mustache tickled her clit and his tongue stroked her swollen labia. Susie had gone to have her pubic area waxed that morning, and she hoped and anticipated that, in a few hours, she would have Jimmy’s tongue caressing her smooth, ultra-sensitive bare skin, but she had no objection to somebody else licking her there first, especially if it was a member of his family.
      She wondered if George could eat pussy as well as his son, and fervently hoped she would have a chance to find out. She and Jimmy had once discussed the possibility of including his father in a threesome, but Susie had been a bit reluctant. She liked the idea of being in the middle of two or more men, and had done so many times, but it seemed rather quirky to be fucking a father and son at the same time. After seeing the man who had been proposed as their partner, her reluctance disappeared. In fact, just then she wanted nothing more than to persuade him to join her on the bed in the adjacent room for some one-on-one sex. The next time she saw Jimmy, she would agree to the threesome but first she wanted a chance to try his father out on her own.
      “You do look a lot like Jimmy,” Susie continued. She released one corner of the towel she was holding and it unfurled itself, exposing her gorgeous body to him again. To make sure he got an even better look at her large breasts and bare genitals, she spread her legs and moved her other hand, the one that still held a corner of the towel, as far from her body as she could reach.
      “Oh, excuse me. How clumsy I am,” she said, obviously without an ounce of sincerity. Grinning lewdly at the man in the doorway, she stood there for several seconds, giving him a good, long look at the sexy body that he couldn’t help but know was available to him, before slowly starting to wrap the towel around herself again.
      “That’s okay. Would you like me to dry off your back?” George stepped forward, sure of an affirmative answer.
      “Oh, how sweet of you. Yes, that would be nice.”

Word Count: 12,528

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