The One Less Traveled #7 - Cuckold's Canyon


[Cuckold, Hotwife, Bull, Dom, Interracial, Chastity, Chastity Belt, Boyfriend, Slutwife, Bisexual, Lesbian Lover]

Nicole’s sexual evolution continues unabated, and Nick finds himself swept up in the current of her growing sexuality. Nicole’s new friend, Cynthia, becomes a fixture in their lives, and despite his natural confidence, even Collin seems unsure where Nicole will take them next. What is certain is Cynthia’s desire for Nicole, and her willingness to do anything to secure Nicole’s affections. When Nick and Nicole's children start asking questions, they begin to question their travels down The Road Less Traveled.


      Our arms wrapped around each other, and the endless seconds of time…stopped.
      We reveled in the simple pleasure of lying in each other’s arms. We didn’t look at the clock, and we didn’t cheapen the moment with words. Our hearts joined, our souls touched, and for a brief, beautiful moment, we were a couple again.
      It was delicious.
      And not meant to last.
      Nicole rubbed her body against mine, slowly, sensually, and my cock shamelessly responded with characteristic eagerness. It wasn’t interested in time, or souls, or hearts, and my wife noticed. She pushed her ass against me, and purred like a cat.
      “Someone’s awake this morning.” She turned to face me, and gently kissed me. “Make love to me. Please? I want to feel you inside of me.”
      She didn’t give me a chance to answer. She pulled me on top of her, positioned my already-hard cock, and without hesitation, I pushed easily inside her. The fantastic sensation of being inside my wife overwhelmed me for several seconds before I took a breath, and regained control.
      “I missed you, baby.” She arched her back, and pushed her tits against my chest with an evil smile. “I’m all yours!”
      I thrust inside of her, savoring the sensation of our flesh joining in a timeless rhythm. My mouth found a nipple, and I sucked on it gently, swirling my tongue around the hardening flesh. Her legs wrapped around my waist, and pulled me against her.
      Collin had clearly stretched her, because my cock encountered little resistance, but I didn’t care. I concentrated on holding back my orgasm. Her hands clung to my shoulders, and she kissed my neck, chest, and shoulders repeatedly. She ran her fingernails lightly across my chest, over my arms, and I lost the battle against my oncoming orgasm. My thrusts grew harder, I lost my rhythm, and my breath became hoarse.
      “Cum, baby.” She squeezed her legs harder. “Cum inside me.”
      Her hands found my ass, her nails dug into my flesh, and she pulled me inside her. The sweet release of an orgasm exploded through me, and wave upon wave of pleasure rocked my body. I thrust frantically inside her as orgasmic shudders enveloped my muscles. Finally I collapsed on her with a loud groan, gasping for breath, and reveling in the relaxation that only an orgasm provides.

Word Count: 25,434

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